Monday 31 August 2015

Week 15 - OMFG hell is called moving home

Hi ladies and gents

I once moved 11 times in 10 years ..... I stay in one place with my husband for 6 years and OMFG. WTF  are all men just old big Boys ???? Didn't want to tidy his space with separation issues from stuff he doesn't even know what it does. I am now being greeted at the tip (dump) by name ......( that has to be wrong)

The house move (despite my best project management skills putting everyone in place 1 1/2 hours ahead of of my own shedule was buggered entirely by our three man removal team being two guys and a man with a 'bad leg Who picked up two hours late ....... In order to meet the 13:00 deadline for exchange of contracts, Gareth and I were emptying the shed, carrying stuff and at one point I was helping drag a king sized mattress up a wrongly shaped set of stairs in a cottage that dates back before 1873.
Needless to say there's money coming back and wine and bad leg has been sacked for his 2 hour snooze .....
We had friends over yesterday expecting to spend all day putting the house to rights,but arrived to make some bits neat and allow us our first proper night off in two weeks and yokes did we just a relaxation time with people we love :-) 

It's the first time and will  be the only time I ever put something negative on here. ...... I did so much work I broke myself ..... Proper style ..... By the time it was done, I had cleared the shed, carried boxes and dragged stupidly big pieces of furniture up the smallest set of stairs in Berkshire to make up for, bad legs guys work rate !!!hmmm 

My Balance has gone to pieces :-( I have babbled and talked nonsense and guess what ...... I kept up  !!!!! Yes I'm crashing. It I've worked like a bloody Trojan and I did it !!!!! So screw you MS .... And the horse you rode In on ...I win because u got up, did stuff,even though I'm tired I didn't quit, knew the price 

Everything is MS's rubbish but I worked hard for my great nights sleep because today I fight again and every day beyond that's a bone xx

The house is livable, we can eat and sleep and 'the man who made time made plenty of it :-) xxxx

It's,war peeps ..... Pick up a weapon and fight !!!!
Tracy xxx

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  1. Hmmm .... note to self - don't post late at night when I've been drinking wine. Tipsy ramblings are not good :-(


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