Thursday 6 August 2015

First Neurologist appointment today - Part 1 - Before the appointment

Hi ladies and gentlemen
This post comes to you in two parts, I'm writing this bit now at lunchtime, my appointment is in 4 1/2 hours time and to be honest no matter how well I'm doing, how great I'm feeling post Lemtrada I'm incredibly nervous about this one.
How mad is that ?
I'm doing great, I've seen such improvements to all the symptoms I've had since the 6 relapses in 6 months period of my pre-Lemtrada MS life. Why on earth would I be nervous at all, my neurologist is going to be thrilled to bits I'm doing so well, I'll be poked repeatedly with that horrid little plastic 'pointy / blunt' stick and this time I'm actually going to feel it (YAY - OUCHIES) but I'm feeling quite queasy and it's completely silly - go figure :-)
I finally got an Oxygen Therapy done on Tuesday evening, I did say I hadn't hit the wall going 2 1/2 weeks between treatments, it appears the sneaky wall gently fell gently and unnoticed on me in the intervening time, as I now feel much more like me again :-) Next one is booked for Saturday morning and every Saturday morning for the foreseeable future - better to do it and always feel great than slip gently into being an old MS lady unnoticed.
I've got a weigh in tonight - really not looking forward to that, I've said I'm starting my diet again from scratch because last week and the tail end of the previous one I just wasn't on it at all, visiting Halifax, the 16 hours of driving, wedding anniversary dinner, Battle Proms and the amazing coffee cake I made mean I did not make any diet friendly choices in that time at all :-)
The quitting smoking is coming along .... I've had the odd one here and there, but I'm no where near as bad as I was - every one I don't have is a step in the right direction and I am absolutely not doing e-cigs as an alternative.
So there we go, part one of today's update, I still feel queasy, writing it all down hasn't help me a jot, but if this helps others realise they're not alone / mad as cheese if it happens to them then it serves some good.

Love, virtual hugs, air kisses and Anti-Bacterial handshakes all round

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