Thursday 6 August 2015

Neurologist day - part 2

I got to outpatients at Basingstoke hospital nice and early, parking is an arse, it's a decent walk to get there and the queue in Costa is terrible at the best of times. Lovely to see Dr C she's had surgery since the last time I saw her on her throat, and I made the mistake of saying her voice was deeper .... Kinda sexy though (didn't mention that face to face in case I looked like I was hitting on the pretty doctor :-) and let's face it at my age it might have looked a bit odd)
Apparently she's not read my blog in case I had been critical of my care etc .... Erm NO I think you're epic Dr C and have only great things to say about you lady xxxx
I don't need more meds right now ... Well of course I don't I'm Wonder Woman and yes I'm arrogant enough  to think with the great care I've had and the first line of defence approach use of Lemtrada rather than the last resort one that not only am I winning and will win  against progression of this shitty shitty illness that I will continue to do so if I have to do Lemtrada every few years for the rest of my life - I had been on sticks and a wheelchair transport in April on my last work trip to Italy which was wholly unacceptable as a future means of getting around.
Apparently my pre-treatment MRI was not active disease, maybe this helps if its asleep when you kick the hell out if it then it stays quiet .... Although that said I would advise everyone to try HBOT (oxygen therapy) no matter what - worst case you'll feel nothing or your ears will need syringing so it's comfortable but it can only make you feel the same or better and nothing was ever won without trying :-)
I didn't get poked with the pointy thing (kinda yay .... Apparently the slightly weird part of me was looking forward to the yelping in a masochistic way.... Not entirely comfortable with the 50 shades of grey analogy there since the film was such turd)
Put 4lbs on at weigh in ..... Bev was unhappy with me for being so weak but I've promised to be a good girl this week ..... New start next weigh in Tuesday so damage repair in progress from tomorrow morning :-) Gareth  has been told not to be a bad influence :-) I married him so I can blame him :-)
All in all I feel a bit silly for the nervousness but I knew I would .....
We talked about not getting sick and I said i had been fine, her response was 'well it doesn't wipe,your whole immune system just the annoying bits' and I've been so carefull with my gallons of anti-bac and washing so if you're carefull go for it .... Just wash the germys away regularly :-) I had such massive exposure when I lost my brother 10 weeks ago to his friends and family but I took care. Please don't be scared of living, just cautious of the others in your life xxx
I am EPIC and  MS can quite frankly feck off ..... This is my body, I own it and MS doesn't own me any more I CAN control it, there is no side effect of this I can't own and control either so CHALLENGE ACCEPTED  and ACHIEVEMENT WON let the battle continue because my weapon is better than yours !!!!!

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