Monday 17 August 2015

Mid week 13 update

On Friday I had my month 3 blood and pee test's with the lovely nurse who only needs to stab me once, results are due out today or tomorrow but I'll need to get creative on how I get them because the lovely Margaret is on Annual leave this week.
Apologies for the lack of an end of week 12 update, everything went kind of crazy last Friday, after almost no action on the house sale / purchase for 2 weeks, at 13:45 all of a sudden the contracts were exchanging at 16:30. I shot out to the bank to pay for an immediate transfer just in time for the 14:45 deadline - except it didn't happen, Halifax messed it up, then they didn't confess to it, they tried to reprocess it and failed - this necessitated a trip into the bank on Saturday to speak to the manager - As I type it's 10am Monday morning and that money is STILL sitting in my bank account and not with my solicitors - UPDATE It's now 11am - yes I've been constructing this for a while and working as well - the money has left my account - I have yet to get confirmation it's arrived with the Solicitors but that should happen shortly - Completion agreed by all parties as 28/08 WOOHOO we're going to be in the new house by the end of the month :-)
Panicked banking emergencies resulted in missing the vet appointment on Saturday morning for Epileptic beagle with the poorly RIGHT eye (make a note of the broken eye this will become important shortly) It also meant that once again I had to cancel my Oxygen Therapy for Saturday morning while I went into the bank to vent my spleen. Nothing can be done until Monday - WTF ??? I can put my bank card and transfer money to a new person at 3am on a Sunday morning in Guam but on a £25 CHAPS payment there's a 2:45 weekday cut off and everything stops ? Sheer lunacy
I woke up Sunday morning and realised my LEFT eye felt quite sore and bruised (I now make a matching pair with Amber-Dog - between us we can either see or are rather broken) Over the course of the day it began to swell up and get more and more sore and when we went to the hospital this is what it looked like

I didn't know if this was an allergic reaction to something, an infection of some type or if I'd been snoring and Gareth had poked my in the eye (he still maintains his innocence on this point) but the first 2 with a low Lymphocyte count gives cause for concern.

3 hours later when we were being seen it was bigger and more red. I have a scratch on my iris / cornea which is apparently a bit rough and irritating the inside of my eyelid when I blink. Ths solution to this is to close my eye, slap a patch on it and not irritate it too much so here is my particularly rubbish Pirates of The Caribbean impression

Needless to say having gotten home from the hospital at nearly 2am and the patch driving to work - not a great plan so I'm Working From Home today :-)
Symptom wise, no further improvement or deterioration to report from previous updates, as always I continue to feel EPIC MS-wise .... I've got this thing on the run.
Love virtual hugs, anti-bac handshakes and a sinister pirate wink

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