Monday 10 August 2015

Week 12 mid week update

Hiya ladies and gents, hope you all made it through the weekend in one piece, and if you didn't I hope you had one heck of a time breaking yourself :-)
I had my second Oxygen Chamber of the week on Saturday (to make up going for 2 1/2 weeks without one) and feeling completely epic again now, the wall has been removed and is now a long way up the road (well further away than this Saturday when I have my next one anyway)
The weekend has been about getting on top of things that we've let slide over recent weeks, the kitchen has been cleaned, laundry mountain has been vanquished, the overgrown jungle that had taken over the garden was chopped down, and now I've come back to work for a rest :-)
Friday is once again 'stabbing day' and 'peeing on your fingers trying to hit the tiny little pot' day set of bloods number 3 being taken, looking forwards to seeing how much the lymphocytes have gone up again, they were 0.35 in month 2 up from 0.09 in month one aiming for being much closer to the golden range of 1.3-4 for back to normal. I've asked will they be doing the Lymphocyte Subset Panel 4 breakdown on the Lymphocyte count, which seems to be done in some places and not in others. Apparently the CD4 count is quite important, although the 'why' of that isn't something I've gotten to the bottom of yet, when talking to the team at Southampton they seemed to think it was only really important if I had AIDS (which on my original screening was confirmed twice as not being the case - YAY I don't have AIDS - twice :-) ...)

Still stressing a bit over the house sale, the builders who we bought the house from have been incredibly slow at actually providing the closures on the planning and deed caveats that were placed on them when they got planning permission for the development and if this keeps up I'll be visiting the office in Hook in person to discuss it with them.
Overall status of post Lemtrada me, all improvements are still there, no further improvements noticed since the last update. All things considered I'm still flying along and ecstatic that I chose this treatment as my first line of defence.
Love, virtual hugs, air kisses and anti-bacterial handshakes for you all
Stay strong
Tracy xxx

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