Wednesday 19 August 2015

More Week 13 updates

Hi there ladies and gentlemen
I hope life is being kind to you all and that you're looking after yourselves or well looked after.
My month 3 bloods are back with my Neurologist, and I've sent permission for them to be emailed to me, just waiting for the lovely Dr C to confirm they can be sent :-)
Fingers crossed for a lovely big jump in Lymphocytes this month. I will pop that up as soon as I get it :-)

Symptoms / Improvements Update - Had a really stressy day yesterday, helping a good friend with her dog and their behaviour review after the poor boy bit the horrid man who punched him in the head and kicked him in the stomach (personally I think the bastard got off lightly) I was a shaking blithering wreck and its not my dog. All worked out well in the end though, Hardy is SAVED :-)
I didn't get an oxygen treatment at the weekend and didn't make it back in time for one last night so I'm low on the super oxygenated red blood cells again, I feel tired but am carrying on regardless :-) All previously reported improvements are still in place and if there's anything new I've not realised it yet :-)

Eye Update - it's still a bit swollen and gets painful when it's tired, the eye patch has been binned as wearing it under my glasses was not nice, and the 4 times a day squirty stuff I have to put in it seems to be doing it's job. In the interim it does seem to have developed a bit of a 'twitch' that I hope goes away soon so that when I'm looking at people I don't look like I'm continually winking inappropriately at them :-) I'm looking forward to having my contacts back in, my vanity demands I don't wear glasses for long :-)

House update - All contracts exchanged on Monday and the completion is locked in for Friday 28th. I'm now frantically making spreadsheets (I know I can't help myself) of everyone who needs to be contacted / utilities / insurance / booking removals firms / arranging doggy day care and trying to round up an army of willing slaves (oops friends) to help us :-)

Love, virtual hugs, air kisses and anti-bac handshakes to you all xxx

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