Monday 24 August 2015

Week 14 and everything is great

Hi Ladies and gents welcome to my week 14, I know it's getting tedious or if you're struggling post Lemtrada then just downright annoying, but I really am still doing great - sorry about that if it makes you mad and you want to punch me or yell at me :-(
After being a little concerned about the pesky lymphocytes only going up by 0.09 again this month, the lovely Glenn Scott advised that those of his group who had slow and sure improvement were the ones with the most solid post Lemtrada stability - improvement and no relapses in the long term. This makes me feel much better about the smaller number :-)
The weekend has been insanely busy with preparations for Friday and the big move, the car has been doing round trips to the tip to get rid of huge amounts of crap we seem to have acquired over the last 6 1/2 years in this house and to buy many many packing boxes. We also had fun with power tools yesterday when the great big entertainment unit needed to be disposed of (won't fit in the space in the lounge in the new house) Gareth got to play with the circular saw that has been languishing in the shed. There's something really satisfying about watching something get dismembered in short time (Does that make me sound like a potential serial killing monster?)
I made time for my Oxygen Treatment on Saturday morning to keep those lovely healing super oxygenated red blood cells doing the great work they've done so far. We're also now eating out mostly in the evenings because everything to eat on or cook with is now in boxes :-) on the bright side - NO WASHING UP :-)
To be honest today I feel like I've some into work for a rest :-) Physically I'm tried, all the way to my bones and feel like I'm an old lady, but that is constant bending stretching packing carrying things and staying up VERY VERY late on Saturday night with Gareth putting the world to rights didn't help with that one bit. I can't blame MS or any treatment for that, I can only blame myself and Bacardi :-)
All in all I'm doing marvellously well, even if I'm pushing myself somewhat harder than usual and feel every bit of the effort and tiredness (Bacardi is evil)
Love, virtual hugs, air kisses and anti-bac handshakes for you all
Live well

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