Tuesday 1 September 2015

Early(ish) week 15 update

Hi ladies and gentlemen
Apologies for the slow down on updates, but its been 'moving weekend' which naturally took the best part of a fortnight to prepare for and obviously will take another 2 weeks to get over.
Before my 'MS Update' I'll explain what I've been up to
2 weeks of doing an extra hour or 2 after work and several hours at the weekend of packing up / cleaning up / painting over marks on walls / driving repeatedly to the tip (dump for you US lot) to get rid of 'stuff' and moving day arrived on Friday
My 3 man removal team were 2 hours late arriving with the 2 vans and one of the three men had a 'bad leg' so he didn't do his share of the work, Gareth and I ended up helping the other 2 with the removal of everything from the house and the shed and then getting it all into the new place while 'bad leg' (who's limp came and vanished repeatedly) had a rest in the cab of the van.
Unpacking was the name of the game once we got there - I had the kitchen unpacked Friday so we could eat and by Monday when the new furniture arrived all but 5 boxes completely finished. Yesterday was more unpacking of heavy oak furniture and taking the packaging to the tip (again - I'm on first name terms with half the staff there now)

So the update on how I'm doing
Today I feel like the van ran me over and then reversed over me again to make sure I was broken. Everything hurts, I'm exhausted, my brain is fuzzy and my limbs are weak - well of course they are I've worn myself into the ground - so it's good 'broken' and something I would never have been able to achieve 4 months ago :-)
Please note none of this is MS / Relapse / Lemtrada related it's because I've worked like a slave for the last 4 days !!!!
Tonight I'm off to the Oxygen Chamber and hoping I come out feeling like a new woman again (or at least a reasonably recycled one)
An hour each evening this week and we will be done by Thursday evening with unpacking and living life in our new home :-)
Let the good times roll ladies and gentlemen - relish that sometimes you have sufficient energy to break yourself xxx

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