Thursday 17 September 2015

Nearly the end of week 17 - feeling good

Hi ladies and gents, the latest instalment of my post Lemtrada life
I managed to get into an Oxygen Therapy treatment on Tuesday night - oh the difference it really does make, I came out clear headed and bright and over the evening all the aches, the foot drop and tiredness in my limbs went away too. The Oxygen Therapy really is my 'not so secret' weapon in the fight against MS and contributes so much to my Post Lemtrada wellness
We are now deeply in the getting ready for the family mode - Well Gareth is - he's been unpacking some of our remaining boxes, putting up pictures and an all round star - me I've been sitting in an oxygen tank and on a works 'Team day' where we got to do lots of team building, bonding and putting the world to rights activities' followed by some wacky blindfolded picking things up in an obstacle course guided only by musical instruments (strangely they didn't want me to do that one - Who ME ?? The one with the coordination of a drunk Bambi on rollerblades trying to cross oiled ice - wearing a blindfold - How rude - anyone would think my lack of co-ordination was widely known and considered not a benefit to the team  :-) ......), and building a catapult contraption to fire a rubber egg the furthest distance (we were spectacularly rubbish at this event) followed by a meal - an 'indoor BBQ' since it was absolutely throwing it down outside - gotta love the British weather :-).
The in-laws arrive tomorrow for the weekend (I also have a man coming to fit a microchip reading cat-flap tomorrow and a lady who's going to do our cleaning for us at 11am as well - plus I'm working from home)
There's a space in the 11:45 oxygen tank on Saturday with me, and I want to get my father in law in it to see if he sees anything like the improvement I do after using it (could be a challenge - but I'll point out it's great for hangover curing too so that might sway it after a night at our house :-) ....)
Blood test went perfectly yesterday, a single hole to get the blood out again :-) I'm going to start annoying the lovely Margaret for the results tomorrow and publish them ASAP for everyone on here, and the spreadhseet (yay I got the words right) will be updated on the two MS Facebook groups as well so other people can continue to use them as a comparison point - If anyone's struggling with that drop me a message and I'll help / load yours in too for you :-)
All the pseudo symptoms from being so over tired having over done it once again quite spectacularly have now receded as I said, I'm just left with my partially numb left hand and those little electric worms in there doing their crazy thing, but that's situation normal, it was the first MS symptom to arrive so if it's going to go I suspect it will be the last to leave.
I've also got my two comparative physio reports to publish, but I'm struggling to get them here into the blog, the first was from April this year a month before Lemtrada and the second was 2 weeks ago at the end of week 15 post Lemtrada - the difference in them is absolutely amazing, the strength / sensation / mobility differences are so dramatic (well not as dramatic as Charly B putting her wheelchair in mothballs which is absolutely amazing - but dramatic for me)
My positivity is at full charge, life is good and I'm living it to the fullest.
My love, best wishes, virtual hugs, air kisses, anti bac hand shakes to you all

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