Monday 7 September 2015

Week 16 Early update

Hi ladies and gents, hope you're all taking care of yourselves

Week 16 already - WOW where did that time go ? Logically I know where it went, but it seems to have flown past so quickly and made such an amazing change to my life that it seems so very fast - it's been 1/3rd of a whole year - perhaps I'm just getting old as time seems to fly past so much more quickly the older I get. Remember when you were a child and Christmas's seemed to be a lifetime apart, where as an adult they seem to zoom up one on top of the other.
MS wise, I've seen no further improvements in the last week, but no deterioration either so that's a great situation for me. I've managed to catch up with some of the sleep I needed after moving weekend and got in my Oxygen Treatment on Saturday morning and am back at full speed again.
I did have a strange thing last night but it was very fleeting, I've been wearing flip flops a lot since my Lemtrada as if my feet get hot the rest of me seems to overheat like an old radiator. I was wandering round the kitchen and suddenly the bottom of my feet felt like they'd been blow torched - I removed the flip flops and stood on the cold tiled floor and it went away. Perhaps I just need new flip flops, but worth mentioning regardless :-)
It's lovely here in the UK at the moment, the sun is shining and it's warm - I like this, I'm probably part lizard because I love sunshine even if my red hair, green eyes and freckles do make for it being a bit of a 'troublesome' relationship - Factor 1,000,000 is my friend :-)
The dogs finally realise that the new house is now home - Winston is making himself useful by pulling out all the old branches from the bushes onto the lawn for us. I finally have the rug and coffee table I've wanted for many years (middle aged, middle class problems)
I'm now starting to look forward to our holiday in France at the end of the month with Gareth's parents, we have a rental house near Caen and will be showing Gareth's parent's around the Normandy landing sites - his Dad has never left the UK before and is very excited :-)
Life is good, long may this status quo continue.
Love, virtual hugs, air kisses and anti-bac handshakes for you all

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