Friday 19 June 2015

YAY that's week 4 done

Today I have 4 extra holes in my from 1 successful blood test ..... if the nurse ever asks if it's okay that the Dr is in the room I will qualify if it's a 'real' doctor or a stooooooodent one. Two messed up ones in the bend of my right arm, and one in my left before the nurse took it from my right hand. I completely forgot to take my pee-pot up to the bedroom last night - to be honest had I done so when I went at 6:30 this morning still half asleep it wouldn't have mattered. I sat on the loo at the doctors surgery for 10 minutes occasionally running the tap before peeing into one of the plastic cups from the water dispenser and then decanted it into the stupidly small sample bottle. YAY no piddling on my hands - very pleased about that :-)
I'm happy to report that 've been for an oxygen treatment this afternoon, and it's done the trick, the low level fatigue and heaviness in my limbs from yesterday has gone again, This for me proves that the oxygen therapy does provide a huge benefit to my post treatment wellness, I know I'm experimenting on myself, but lets face it there's never going to a proper clinical trial for Oxygen Therapy - you can't brand name Oxygen or patent it, so there's no money in it, and how would you do a double blind trial ? It's not like there's something else you could give the placebo group that they wouldn't notice :-)
I'm not booked for another Oxygen until next Friday, so that means an entire week again (day 8 was when the effects wore off) so this should hold me through the week, but it's going to be a long and difficult one, the busy weekend then up to the midlands for Ian's funeral - I don't think that anything from this week is going to be representative of the treatment, my personal therapy program or symptom reporting - emotionally it's going to be hard, physically it's going to be very hard and unrealistic as a measure of how this treatment is working - that said week 2 was horrific and I didn't crash or get completely flattened so maybe it's just that I'm a bloody minded obstinate fool who doesn't know when to quit.

So anyway the bit you're all waiting for today's silliness xxx

My drive into work each day

This genuinely happened to an army college of my husbands ….. EEEEK

Advice for men :-)

Sage advice for us all - although it is easier said than done I fear

Have a great weekend everyone xxx

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