Tuesday 30 June 2015

Mid Week 6 Update

Good morning ladies and gentlemen

It's a beautiful day here in the UK, I've been up early, walked the dogs already and now I'm sitting in my little quarantine room at work. I have to say the novelty of solitary confinement has long worn off and I want out - back into general population with everyone else. I'm not naturally a solitary creature, I'm not overly keen on working from home and only do it one day a week.
So since my last update I have no improvement or deterioration to report on the MS front, I have tooth ache in the left hand side of my mouth which could be an infection or possibly something to do with a few teeth that were badly damaged in a car accident ..... AAARRRRGGHHHH I was about to say a 'few' years ago, but I've just realised that accident was 20 YEARS AGO ....... good grief where did that time go :-( - Now I feel ancient. How on earth can 20 years have passed since then, I don't 'feel' like am 43 in my head - that's it sod this being 43 nonsense I'm going to be 27 for ever - that was a good year :-) ---- Sorry back on topic, so this tooth ache, it could be one of 2 things and Ibuprofen / Paracetamol alternated is keeping it under control so I will give it another 24 hours before I do something more proactive about it.
We were down in Portsmouth Friday night for the Royal Navy HMS Nelson Summer Ball, invitations issued thanks to the lovely JoJo and her other half. The food was great company was outstanding and the Entertainment made my day.
Have you ever tried to 'mount' a rodeo bull wearing a full length semi fitted evening gown ? It takes two people to achieve this and you have to put pride to one side, hold you dress up round your waist flash your underwear to a room of mostly strangers and then get someone to give the comedy 'ass boost' to get you up there (thanks Gareth). I lasted a whole 1 second before ending up on my back with my legs in the air in a rather undignified manner - fortunately I was off so quick no photos or video are available of my rubbish performance. There was electronic clay pigeon shooting, Gareth (the former soldier) got 2 clays - I got 4 :-) .... go me for being hawk eye - take that optic neuritis :-)
And finally my coup de gras (probably not spelt or used correctly - apologies Grammar police) The bull was replaced by a surf board - not only did I mount the beast myself (so I crawled on to it on my hands an knees and stood up but YAY for dignity) I managed 18 seconds on the beast before returning to the on my back with my legs in the air position :-)
Having MS attacking my balance and ability to stand let alone walk, and the fluctuations in my already rubbish eye sight before treatment was so very frightening and to keep seeing (haha) and feeling the improvements is really quite incredible I'd still have tried both before because they were bucket list items and I'd do them no matter what but to do the 2 of them really rather well has made me so proud of myself for fighting, not giving up and being brave enough to put aside my pride and show people my underwear in a public place :-)
It was 4am before I got to bed, I was up at 8:30 had to drive home with a very hung-over husband in the passenger seat (Alternating a drink with a glass of water and being a good girl saved me from this) but by then I was feeling the effects of overdoing it, the last week, that it had now been 9 days since my last oxygen treatment and oh boy did I feel every minute of it, just exhaustion, pure and simple, not Fatigue I can't call it that when I KNOW I did it to myself. Sunday passed on the sofa with me doing this ......

I managed to get an oxygen treatment yesterday morning which has helped greatly with my tiredness and aches (probably form flying off the bull and surf board) and whilst I'm still tired, I'm back on form and feeling great. This weeks plans are much more sedate until Sunday when we are up to the midlands again for a wedding on the Monday which Gareth and I are the official photographers for as well as guests at, so that's going to be a long day doing the bridal preparation photo's ceremony, guests informal pictures and the formal ones through to first dance and then we can relax with a glass of wine.
Some silliness for your enjoyment and smiles, love, germ free hugs and positivity for you all xxx

Enjoy them .... weekends are not just for drinking too much, sleeping all day then feeling like crap

You just know this is so true !!!!

MS Days .....