Tuesday 16 June 2015

Mid week 4 update

Another improvements to report ladies and gents, I'm not sure quite how I missed putting this in here earlier.

The bowel / bladder urgency that had made it so very terrifying to realise I needed the bathroom has calmed right down. Perhaps it's related to the recovery of some sensation in the trunk of my body but damn does it feel good to know I'm going to need to go soon rather than that awful claxon in my head screaming 'GO NOW - YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE AN ACCIDENT ANY SECOND' or even worse - the need to pass wind (okay mine smell like roses - all women's do) and to not know if it's just gas or an accident waiting to happen, it's quite liberating to realise I'm going to fart and just worry is it going to be a 'silent but deadly' or is it going to be a 'thunderclap' one that makes everyone turn and stare at you.

I was talking to another MS'er this afternoon who told me if I was going to Steroid Crash it would have happened by now and I'm probably going to be okay - jury's out, I'll probably start believing that around the 3 month mark if I'm honest.

First set of my monthly bloods and pee samples being done on Friday morning. I'm not entirely sure how that is all reported back to me, but when I get them I will be publishing them on here, and hopefully get the lovely Emma to give me the 'laymans terms' of what it all means and why.

Pinched this from someone's facebook feed, it sums up my feeling about what I hope this blog can achieve, hope you enjoy xx

If it doesn't inspire you ............