Wednesday 10 June 2015

Mid week 3 update

Well update time again ladies and gents
Still feeling fantastic MS wise, all the improvements (which may still be courtesy of the steroids - too soon to tell) are still there. Fatigue is not there, cog fog is not there. Feeling in my legs is STILL there, the feeling in my left arm is still partially there, and YAY I'm not scared of needing the bathroom all day every day either.
The random itchies keep returning every now and then (not every day) but they disappear quickly enough with an oral anti histamine so not really a challenge. I've also had some spots on my face, a little like being a teenager again - quite a strange experience and not very dignified at the ripe old age of 43 :-)
I managed to get an oxygen treatment in yesterday evening which means for once I'm not disappearing from work for a 3 hour jaunt to the gas chamber. For once I haven't felt the great benefit from it because the starting point was so much better than it usually is. In Tracy logic doesn't matter if I 'need' it, I want those super healing hyper oxygenated red blood cells zooming around inside me keeping everything in top shape and if it reduces or stopps the inevitable Steroid Crash then happy days.
Emotionally I'm wrung out, mentally I feel tired but I'm pretty sure that's life related and not MS. Ian's funeral will be June 24th, so a long road to go on that one still. House sale and purchase is still on track. It's all a bit much even for me who really does hit my peak when everything snowballs a bazillion things at all happening at once.
I will get my sense of humour back and stop being so morose I promise
Love and plague free hugs to all of you (but don't hug me back if you're a plague monster xxx)

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