Saturday 13 June 2015

First day of week 4

Still feeling really good, no fatigue or brain fog and generally doing great. I noticed yesterday I have some feeling back now in the trunk of my body, a bit like my left arm, I can feel things, but it's not 'proper' feeling like I have in my right arm or my legs.

It really does give huge amounts of hope, even if I steroid crash, if there can be a little recovery of my nervous system over the next couple of years, I know the damage isn't permanent yet :-)

The goal at the start of this was to stop the progression, the relapses and ensure it could not get worse, defend that line I had drawn in my head which said this far and no more.

I hope when my bone marrow produces my new immune system it comes back right, doesn't view my Central Nervous System as its enemy or food and behaves itself for a long long time

In the interim, my self designed complimentary therapy continues to support my bodies remaining defences and life is damn fine

Hope you're all taking care of yourselves, supporting your recovery if you've had treatment, preparing well if you're going to have treatment, and if you're thinking about it, I hope this helps you draw up your pro's and con's for which treatment you will have, if not this then another, but make the right choice for you and be fully informed about it and how it could impact your life, work and family

Germ free hugs to you all xx

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