Monday, 8 June 2015

Early week 3 Post Treatment update

I've done really well over the weekend MS-wise.

What I don't have :
  • No Cog-fog
  • No foot drop
  • No spaghetti leg (but there is occasional weakness in my knee which makes me aware I should be careful)
  • No fatigue
  • No constant achieness
What I do have :
  • Proper feeling in both my legs and feet (stepping on lego would hurt now and the dogs licking my feet tickles again)
  • Some feeling in my left arm (not full feeling but something is better than nothing)
  • Less of the constant electrical feeling in my left hand (it's not as bad as it was)
  • Balance - well it's better but then I've always been quite clumsy so I can't lay all of that on the MS
  • A clear head - it feels good to have most of the words back although I do sometimes still squish words together (my brother said to me on April 30th when I wished him 'Bappy Firfday' that I'd always been a bit special but now I had a good excuse)
  • Energy - I feel like everything is normal but I'm not pushing my luck and doing too much with that I think the crash would be quite spectacular if I did
What am I still doing :
  • 3 Ltrs of water every day - very important to keep hydrated, headaches, sickness and dizziness are all symptoms of dehydration which I am keen to avoid.
  • Vitamins and minerals - Vit D, Vit H (Biotin), Calcium and Magnesium, fish oils, Evening primrose (every woman should take this to stop us being homicidal monsters once a month), Multivitamins.
  • Oxygen Therapy - twice a week whether I feel like I 'need' one or not - Super healing oxygenated red blood cells can only possibly be a good thing.
  • Taking it easy - I don't want to discover the extent of my energy levels at the cost of having them available to me all the time.
  • Getting lots of sleep - sleep is healing both mentally and physically and right now mentally I need a lot of that.
What I'm taking from this :
  • Even if it's a temporary recovery I now KNOW recovery is possible with time and no MS aggression - if it does revert a little it's the steroids wearing off NOT another relapse so I will give it the time it needs.
  • My journey this far (MS-wise - the personal stuff is just horrific and devastating but the two should NOT be confused) has been incredibly uneventful and positive

I would recommend this treatment to anyone with RRMS, with the caveat that nothing in life is free you have to be proactive, work with your body and your treatment to support it and help it every step of the way. Don't just sit there and expect the lightening to strike and a miracle to happen, actively encourage every possible way to improve your health, your wellbeing and also your mental positivity.

Two songs go round in my head, very different ones but they work for me.

Things Can Only Get Better by D'ream - because it's true for the next 2 years MS-wise they only can
Something Inside So Strong by Labi Siffri - my desire to be ME, to have CONTROL and be FREE to live without MS locking me into the prison of my own body

Find your inspiration - MS scares me more than anything the treatment could do

Love and no germy hugs to you all xxx

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