Friday 5 June 2015

2 weeks post update

Hi ladies and gentlemen

Two weeks ago today I had my day 5 infusion, in the 2 weeks since then MS-wise life has been really good. I have energy, I have feeling back in my left arm (not much but it's better than it was) I have feeling back in both my legs - proper feeling and with it the foot drop seems to have disappeared, I haven't face planted with Spaghetti leg in the last couple of weeks even though at times my knee has felt weak. I also don't feel 'cog-fog' which with everything else going on I would have expected to be the worst thing

There's a very real possibility that this is simply the immediate effect of the IV steroids during the treatment and it may be temporary, however the inflammation is now under control, MS is no longer nibbling on my Central Nervous System, an if some steroids can't do this then I have great hope that my CNS will be able to do some repairs on it's own and at least keep things at this level or better eventually.

As always I'm taking my extra vitamins and minerals, drinking my 3 litres of water  a day and I've got an Oxygen Therapy planned for 13:15 today - even though I don't feel my usual MS cog-fog, limb fatigue and aches I'm doing it because it makes my red blood cells super healing and that can only help with the treatment and the repairs to my CNS - actively promoting repair not just sitting here with my fingers crossed and hoping the miracles come.

Gareth is at another funeral. today down in Portsmouth for his cousin who passed away even younger than my brother :-( - I couldn't bring myself to go with him, and I didn't know him, but I don't think my grief for someone else would be appropriate.

The house sale and purchase is going well and I'm going back into work on Monday until the funeral, I need something to do and keep me busy while the time passes.

Love and non Germy hugs to you all xxx

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