Monday, 1 August 2016

Round 2 Week 11 - Sunshine, Wedding, Holiday booking and Love

I did mention that August is pretty frantic didn't I? I know I thought about it but blonde brain doesn't 'actually' remember doing it.

I'm feeling very 'loved up' this week, it has been one big week of romance, and celebrations of love.

The week has been like a headlong sprint from one end to the other.

We had another amazing meal at L'Ortolan on Thursday (and as usual the bill was a bit 'ouchie' but hey it was our wedding anniversary dinner so it's allowed. We did wedding anniversary gifts at midnight on the 30th (so very late Friday night really), the main present to ourselves of 'wood' was an awesome wine rack carved from a single piece of tree with bottle shaped swirls on either side. It was just as well we sat down and had a pre-emptive chat about gifts this year as it turned out we were both planning on buying exactly the same thing for each other which would have been both amusing and rather silly at the same time.

The trip up to Knowle on Saturday morning went off without a hitch, we arrived in time to visit with a couple of friends who were not invited to the wedding before quickly checking into the hotel at 2pm and then showering, hair washing, getting dressed and made up then walking up to the church to arrive at 14:40pm.

The wedding was lovely, both the bride and the groom looked amazing, everything went perfectly and the reception was in a massive Tepee at a farm in the countryside. Awesome food, a fantastic band and perfect for the happy couple. We got to catch up with my Sister-In-Law and old friends (another one of whom has now declared we are 'brother and sister' in spirit - that brings my 'honorary' brother count to 7 - and I love the lot of them)

Fortunately I had my 'sensible' head on throughout the Wedding Day, I decided after the meal, the wine and champagne that I needed to be a good girl. I switched to Vodka and Diet Coke which made it really easy to hide that only 1 in 3 of my drinks actually had any Vodka in it at all. We made it home for lunchtime on Sunday to relieve my friend who had moved in overnight to look after the dogs and to chill for the rest of the day.

Today I'm back in work for a rest, it's a bit like the Marie Celeste here this week, so many people on holiday that most of the desks are empty. It gives me time to catch up on some admin though without back to back meetings all day.

My last Gas Chamber was 3 weeks ago on the 16th of July so I've now gone more than 3 weeks without super oxygenating my red blood cells. My head doesn't 'feel soupy' but then it's only afterwards that I realise if I was. I'm booked for tomorrow morning so I guess I'll know then if I've left it too long. I have been super tired the last couple of days but then I've also been extra busy - so swings and roundabouts I guess.

I booked our holiday last Friday, 2 weeks in Portugal from September 24th onwards. Our last 'proper' 2 week holiday was our honeymoon in 2011 so it's well and truly overdue. We have the same house we booked last May for the first week in the village of Algoz, then another house near the beach in Guia for the second week.  (Any Portugese readers out there in the area, please get in touch happy to meet up for coffee)

I am determined this year that I WILL do the horse riding in the surf at sunset (I'll be taking my riding hat with me in my suitcase). It's one of the things on my 'bucket list' and this year I don't have to worry about cannula's and the like immediately afterwards. It's been a LONG time since I was on horseback though so I'm hoping they have a gentle old soul who's a bit slow and lazy for me to ride.

It's Battle Prom's time of year again this weekend. 'The Usual Suspects' will be gathered for a day of flag waving, patriotic 'British-ness' and we have a couple of my other friends joining us this year too.

Sunday once again will be all about 'recovery' as BP means a lot of walking, carrying Gazebo's and camping chairs, setting up, breaking down, picnic part-deux in the car park while we wait to get away in the dark.

MS wise everything remains as awesome as ever, no setbacks to report or further improvements post round 2. It's all just nice and simple and MS free, and long may that continue.

As always :
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