Monday, 15 August 2016

Round 2 - Week 13 Summer Party, Traditional Pizza and a call to the police

Well here we are again week 13
This time last year it all went quite manic with the house sale and purchase finally being set in stone for the end of the month, we were franticly packing and cleaning and the guys at the tip (dump) knew me by name.
This year is significantly less manic. Saturday's party was a fine event with lots of fun. We've made new friends and apparently are now attending a Halloween Party in Amsterdam at the end of October. Schipol airport whilst technically in Holland when you are captive there for a few hours in my opinion does not count as having 'been' to a country so if it all comes off I can put another pin in the map for somewhere I've visited.
Gareth and I visited a wonderful Herb garden centre yesterday and purchased some lovely things including some Catnip and Catmint. We got home and put these out on the patio for our cat's and if I'm brutally honest I think BamBam cat might have been 'stoned off his ass' ever since. He literally stuck his head in it, rolled in it and ate some leaves and then spent a long time just rolling on the floor, followed by the raging munchies (he's got some Bengal in him - he's quite vocally demanding - actually his nickname is 'Whinge-Bag') 
Just the work week to get through and then we are off 'Oop Norf' for the weekend to visit Gareth's family for the weekend. It's his mum and dad's 40th Wedding anniversary so hopefully Gareth will get his thinking head on for an appropriate wedding anniversary gift for them - 40 years is the Ruby Wedding anniversary - I'm not entirely sure what would work for his Dad in relation to 'Ruby' though - a nice pair of earrings are simply not his style LOL.
In other news I was interested to read that apparently the NHS are now planning to trial the 'Medipen' which is an inhaler (think eCig type device) which delivers only the CBD oil extracted from the cannabis plant (not the THC stuff which gets you stoned) from the reviews I've read it seems to be a real help with MS symptoms like pain and spasms.
News Article :
Supplier Website :
I'm wondering if it could also help with the random neuropathic stuff like the constant 'buzzing' which goes through my left hand. My neurologist thinks it's from a prolapsed disc in my neck (and it doesn't hurt). My left hand feels like I'm holding a phone which is constantly vibrating and it over-rides my ability to feel other sensations. I've sent them a message asking if the CBD bit will help for this - perhaps they will send me a sample to try so I can confirm if it works in that way???? (well I can live in hope can't I)
The heat over the weekend has been insane here in the UK, I actually had to retreat inside on Saturday afternoon at the party as the world went quite grey and started to tip sideways. Something cool to drink, some time in the shade and a quick trip home with the AirCon set on 'arctic blast' to feed the pups and empty them put everything right again - plus by the time I got back the sun was setting the garden was in the shade and it had dropped about 10 degrees.
Back now in the nice comfy air-conditioned offices at work and life is good now if those nice people at the Euro-Millions would just get with the plan draw my numbers (all of them) and transfer me a few million ..........

I can dream can't I, stay well peeps xxx

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