Thursday, 18 August 2016

Round 2 Week 13 - OUCHIES - Broken thumb

So this is a non MS . Lemtrada update and really just to give you all a bit of a giggle.

I woke up yesterday morning with a sore thumb on my right hand. It was fine when I went to bed so I just thought I'd slept funny on it and went into work as normal.
By lunch time it was the size of a butchers sausage and it had that deep inside pain that I can only describe as feeling like tooth ache or ear ache but in my thumb.
I've broken a few bones before and started to wonder if it might be something more sinister and decided to drop Gareth a text .....

A quick trip to A&E at the Royal Berkshire hospital and an X-Ray later and I'm now sporting a black thumb splint type affair to protect the damaged digit as apparently I've chipped off a piece of bone from my knuckle - in my sleep it would appear. They've also mentioned that I have 'degenerative bone disease' in the offending thumb - arthritis
 - now before everyone gets all excited and thinks this could be anything to do with my MS or Lemtrada I should point out that both my Mum and Grandmother had the hereditary form of arthritis so it has always been on the schedule for somewhere along the line.
So I did what any loving wife would do in these circumstances - I screen shot the text message and posted it to Facebook whilst tagging my husband to name and shame Gareth in his 'Text Confession' to give everyone a giggle and mentioned his aim must have been 'a bit off' since he only managed to chip the bone not squish it completely LOL

I suspect I've dropped a LOT of Wife Points in the last 18 hours

Pass the ibuprofen please.

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