Thursday 25 August 2016

Round 2 Week 14 - Normal and Boring is awesome

Week 14 is here again. It seems such a long time since this time last year, but it also feels like yesterday because the time has zoomed past so very quickly. We were in final week mode before the house move this time last year and I was thrashing myself to bits trying to get everything done in time.

This year it is a much more sedate affair. We drove up to Halifax on Saturday morning for a long weekend, Gareth’s parents were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. A big surprise meal at Long Can Hall had been arranged by Gareth’s sisters with loads of friends and family in attendance. To be honest Gareth and I just turned up bought Fizz and performed chauffeuring duties (well that was me) and helped take credit for the affair.

My thumb has started to heal nicely I’m only wearing the brace when I’m out and about now

– I should mention I’ve broken a LOT of bones over the years – my wrists a combined total of 11 times, countless fingers and toes - this is the 3rd time I’ve broken my left thumb (I think – it might be 4 but it was also the first ever bone I broke so I only really remember 2 VERY clearly), an arm, an ankle ….. I have some random air bubbles in the bone marrow in various part of my body, and they keep threatening bone density tests.

Despite the fact that I seem to break ridiculously easily, I heal unbelievably quickly – 10 days for a scaphoid bone healed (usually in a cast for 6-10 weeks) and 17 days for the Radius bone in my left arm which had to be manipulated back in line by some very strong men swinging on my wrist and elbow to realign things (bottles of becks with tequila slammer chasers were both responsible for this injury occurring and for my lack of drama describing bone manipulation)

We came back down to the South on Monday and back to work Tuesday for a rest. A 4 day week naturally means cramming 5 days of work into the remaining 4 days by whatever means necessary.

This weekend is a bank holiday weekend in the UK so another 4 day week next week too – a girl could get used to this (well I’d like to hence the regular investment in lottery tickets)

We have Authentic Stone Baked Pizza Sunday coming up this weekend, and for once we aren’t going to The Pot Kiln in Yattendon.  Majority rule dictates we introduce the others to the new place we’ve discovered in Sonning Common owned by the fabulously Michelin Trained Santiago and his wife. So Sunday evening will be The Bird In Hand Pizza night even if the Chapmans have double booked themselves and have to duck this year – their loss – when we complete our planning for the Zombie Apocalypse they’re going to just have to take the jobs assigned to them.

Apart from the Gas Chamber on Saturday lunch time - I genuinely have no idea what the rest of the weekend will involve and that seems pretty fantastic to me.

Life is pretty quiet and uneventful on the MS front, no improvements or deteriorations to report which when the MonSter has touched your life and you’ve been through a treatment like Lemtrada is exactly what you want life to be. Boring quiet, nothing weird happening to your body just lots of ‘same normalness’ (I thought I’d made that word up but apparently the spelling thing likes it)

So YAY for BORING and NORMAL long may it continue

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