Monday, 8 August 2016

Week 12 post Round 2 -A thoroughly British Celebration

Week 12 already and I’m feeling great, if a little tired after the weekend’s exertions. Battle Proms as always was just EPIC, we went with great friends, the weather as fantastic (from what I could see from under the shade of the gazebo – gingers and sunshine are not a great combination never mind the MS – LOL). Baby Jasper was an absolute dream at 3 months old - even the people around us with gazebo’s were raving about how beautifully behaved he was.

I was standing in the queue for coffee when the Battle Symphony happened (this is 3 years in a row my timing has been incredibly rubbish) I got to hear but not see the cannons being fired, but the fireworks were spectacular. It’s quite telling that the queues for coffee were huge but there were no queues at the bar really – middle class celebrations of ‘Britishness’ by the ‘Waitrose’ set ….. all terribly sober, well behaved and forming orderly queues.

Back to work today for a rest, a lot of sitting down and just exercising the brain. I’m pretty tired, there was a lot of walking up and down hills at Battle Proms, so as usual I’m having a little sensory disruption and balance problems, but over the next 48 hours that will settle down and sort itself out assuming I actually follow up on my plans for early nights (I’m still quite rubbish at that)

Wednesday evening we are doing some baby photographic work which I suspect will involve a lot of me talking to Mummy while Gareth works hard (well that’s my plan). The weekend will be fun and games with friends at a summer get together which I suspect is going to be another late one – on a bright note I will be designated driver for the evening so at least I know there won’t be a hangover Sunday morning even if I’m tired.

I’m starting to get into holiday preparation now, a few more things to arranged, Dog care, hire car and parking / overnight stay at Gatwick (our flight takes off at 06:10am and I really don’t fancy a 02:00 start that morning to drive to Gatwick - we just stayed up and didn’t go to bed last time and it was exhausting). I’ve even invested in some more ‘summery’ tops to wear (not that my skin will see much sun). I might even see if one of my colleagues has the time to give me an early crash course in Portuguese (it’s one of my objectives this year at work but not planned until later in the year)

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