Monday 25 July 2016

Round 2 week 10 feeling HOT HOT HOT

For those 'of a certain age' (and UK based) you may remember a television advert many years ago of a lizard standing on hot sand picking his feet up repeatedly with the voiceover saying 'hot hot hot hot hot' that pretty much sums up this week.
In the UK it's been well over 30 degrees Celsius which is pretty much unheard of (cue a load of Brits moaning that 'we've had no summer' because this happened during the week rather than over the weekend LOL - we do love a good moan about the weather) Gareth and I went out and bought a portable air-con unit mid week because we were both struggling to sleep in the heat.
Apart from the heat and Gareth being a poorly boy - which I appear not to have picked up WOOHOO (crosses fingers, eyes, arms and legs, throws salt over my shoulder and crosses the path of a black cat for luck).
It's actually been a really uneventful week there isn't anything exciting to report apart from more of the tediously 'normality' of life.
Next weeks report (and the coming ones) will be far more interesting - I promise. We have our wedding anniversary on Saturday we will have been married 5 years and as a traditional present this year I 'Get Wood' - literally something made of wood not just a fun time on my wedding anniversary LOL.
We are also attending the wedding of one of my 'acquired' brothers on Saturday so their anniversary will be nice and easy to remember. We are booked into L'Ortolan on Thursday night for an early anniversary dinner for more yummy Michelin starred food.
Between now and then work will happen, I'll try to stay out of trouble, probably fail spectacularly at it.
Normal is lovely I highly recommend it.

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