Monday 18 July 2016

Week 9 post round 2 - Living with a germy plague monster

After last weeks excitement of being on the radio raising MS awareness and a relatively uneventful weekend. This week looks blissfully quiet (I hope) apart from work and the usual living stuff.

Gareth however has overdone things one too often I fear and rendered himself a toxic germy plague monster. He started coughing and feeling very queasy yesterday which we initially put down to a crashing hangover, but as the day wore on he didn't get better, he just felt worse and by late last night was in the bathroom with his head down the toilet and relegated to the spare room because he couldn't sleep.

This morning Gareth looked just as green as he did yesterday with the added breathing like an elderly asthmatic after a brisk walk (and he'd only rolled out of bed). He's dragged himself into work today as he has a new starter and a busy schedule but how long he's going to hang on in there before heading home and hitting the pillows again is an open question (personally I don't think he should have gone in at all).

EDIT at 12:35 : I just texted him - he's surrendered and gone home. I have sent Margaret our doggy day care lady a text warning her if the dogs don't come running to her when she arrives to exercise caution looking for them just in case she ends up traumatised by the sight of Gareth's hairy backside (or worse).

I had my usual oxygen treatment on Saturday and felt great after it, I'm hoping those super oxygenated red blood cells that are extra healing can fight off Gareth's germs.

MS-wise everything is still in place and holding, I'm struggling a little with the heat and humidity in the UK right now, but that might just be my 'Englishness' being in shock at the temperatures over here right now - after-all us Brits just aren't used to it on home soil so it's a bit of a shock to the system. I'm kind of loath to call it Uhthoff Syndrome right now because the weather is just so very unfamiliar to me that it might be the same as 'normal' people's reaction to heat they are unaccustomed to.

The dog bless them are being awesome, they now really look forward to their walk to the pub each evening after their dinner. They and we have made some new friends there and we feel more integrated to the area now.

Plus sad person that I am the pub is a couple of doors from the village church and it's a Pokémon Go Pokestop so I can refill my balls while we are down there. I'm sure that it's undignified (and just a little bit sad) to be enjoying the game (when it works) at the ripe old age of 44 (27 again) but I'm consoling myself that a friend of mine's Mum is playing it as well and she's a pensioner so I'm not the oldest big kid around.

Looks like the dogs and I will be going for a drink on our own tonight - I wonder how much trouble I can get up to unsupervised, how many Pokemon I can catch and if Gareth's off his food does that mean I can go grab a Kebab.

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