Wednesday 6 September 2017

1 year 14 weeks Post R2 - Blood results time again

Welcome to Autumn again, days getting shorter, and that time when you're holding out on not putting the heating back on just yet.
I must admit though the pyromaniac in me is really looking forwards to having the log burner going again in the lounge and snuggling up on the sofa under a blanket with Gareth and the dogs in the evening.
So my blood results are back .... my lymphocytes are still doing the yo-yo thing with a slight drop this month - the last 4 months have been all over the place - not that I'm complaining, as far as I'm concerned the less of the little buggers there are the happier my MS Free life remains ... but look at this ...

all over the place ..... but relatively low so that works.

The other interesting thing on my bloods is that the MCH value is really high this month, it'd popped over the top level for the first time. A quick google search of what this could mean came back with macrocytic anemia which interestingly lists as one of it's symptoms
  • Unexplained fatigue
Given that I ended up having to use a mobility scooter last weekend when I took Boy to the Hawk Observancy for the later part of the day and the week before at the Supermarket when the battery died I can categorically say yes I've had some unexplained tiredness of late in my legs and I think I've just discovered why. So according to the information I've found this condition can be caused by deficient levels of vitamin B-12 or folic acid in the body; nutrients found in foods like fish, liver, green leafy vegetables and fortified cereals. These contribute to efficient red blood cell production and may be lacking in your diet..... so I guess dinner tonight will involve lots of leafy greens, and there will be a lot more fish in my diet going forwards - I don't know what a fortified cereal is, but I'm pretty sure that and liver will not be in my near future.

My home office is working out beautifully for me along with my lovely comfy new office chair, I'm even remembering why I loved having a MacBook before because the Mac desktop is so much more user friendly (one you remember how to use it and where they hide the @ button - the search for the pound sign is ongoing)

Life for me as always remains awesome, weird and blissfully not MS'y at all. Wishing the same to you all


  1. Tracy, thank you for sharing your entire Lemtrada journey especially your experience w/& since 2nd round. I've searched many times for 2nd & post 2nd round experiences & yours is1st to give details. I completed 2nd round 08/25/2017. 1st round was miserable & physically did not do so hot - difficulties standing & walking. Felt like hell once home w/some decline yr following (severe fatigue/specificity off chart) up to 2nd treatment. I'm 62 & unknowingly experiencing MS symptoms since 30s. Diagnosed at 59 when physical decline quite severe & believed MS had too great a hold for Lemtrada to help. In spite of yucky 1st experience I was committed to completing 2nd round. To my surprise, 2nd round was a breeze! I felt stronger & physically more comfortable after each daily infusion. Unlike 1st round stood & walked short distances comfortably & easily. Since home continue to feel better though balance/walking hasn't improved. However no longer experiencing extreme fatigue/spasticity. All in all, in spite of not physically improving (yet. Ha.) I feel good! There has been internal shift for the better. Curious why doc did not impose same restrictions after 2nd as imposed after 1st round. Said he'll answer questions at follow up but curious if you hv info on 2nd round treatment not yet available online. Thanks for being a beacon of light. Debra J Guerra, Wichita, KS

  2. Hi Debra
    Glad your Lemtrada journey has improved with round 2, a lovely lady called Charly is the one you want to read the story of, she's been diagnosed for a number of years and has just created a blog of her experiences after sharing her story over the last 3 years on the global Facebook group in much the same way I've waffled along on here.
    Charly was a grandmother when she had round 1 was pushed into hospital in a wheelchair and has had 3 rounds and she's an absolute bloody inspiration.... to the point next time I'm on US soil I will fly across country just to have a glass of wine and get my nails done with her. I hope this link works, if not please let me know by dropping me an email and I will try another way.
    Best of luck

    Oh and the why not same restrictions ..... erm .... there should have been 😀😀😀❤️❤️❤️Xxx


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