Monday 11 September 2017

1 year 15 weeks Post R2 – We’re getting an allotment

Yup it’s official we’re ‘old folk’ …... well not so much old, more the good life, stopping to go and pick fresh produce for dinner that evening, eating lots of lovely fresh fruit and vegetables. The fresh air and sunshine …. Okay so I’m painting the rose-tinted glasses view of it, weeding, digging, planting and harvesting all come with their associated use of lots of energy, but it can really only be a good thing in my opinion, and hey if it doesn’t work out it’s £55 for the year so it’s hardly financial ruin. Roll on the end of September when we can take possession of it.

Gareth and I have had a lovely long weekend together as he’s using up the enormous amount of annual leave he has remaining (bad Tracy for not taking him on holiday).

After increasing my intake of Iron and Vitamin B, that strange inexplicable tiredness in my legs that I’d been having is well on the way back to normal again. Although I usually have nothing nice to say about Dr Google, on this occasion he’s actually been quite a help.

Since it’s also possible that all this could be MS related I had a quick chat with The Lovely Margaret, my MS nurse this week to give her some updates on my general state of affairs, also to ask for a new MRI to be scheduled and an appointment with a Neuro (mine is on long term medical leave – so I need a sub) – it will be interesting to see who I get – although I have expressed my preference J.

Life continues in much the same manner as always, slightly strange, full of love, antics from the puppy dogs and a liberal application of wine at the weekend. There are some very interesting things on the horizon and the world is good.

I hope everyone is strong and taking care of themselves xxx


  1. Tracy, catching up on your world tonight - trying to read your tea leaves as my course has been in a sharp downturn since my last round- Jan 2017. (First April 2014, diagnosed 2003, we are the same age I believe). Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for posting about B-12. I had completely forgotten about that vitamin and it might help a bit. I think I will post this in as well. People should be reminded to check B-12 deficiencies in our fatigue ridden lives.. Take care of you, Emma

    1. Hey Emma
      Long time no speak. Did you have a 3rd round ? Starting to suspect that may happen for me to, and I'm okay with that if that's what needs to be done.
      Take care of you, we must chat some time on facebook messenger xx


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