Monday 25 September 2017

1 year 17 weeks post round 2. New job, gardening and running

So once again I owe you all a massive apology, this is 2 weeks in one again. In my defence I have started a new job (which I love) the learning curve is pretty vertical, but my mind is so very much enjoying the new things, new people and just the NEW of it all.

And they KNOW about me ... the MS stuff and they're fine with it since I'm such a kick arse MS warrior and you know what .... this helped .... they could see 2 1/2 years of positive and 'normal' so for that I'm eternally grateful.

We had friends over for a very lovely meal with the most amazing chocolate cake with cherry compote for dessert made by Kim. I did some shopping in preparation for my start last Wednesday (new office trousers and my first pair of jeans for about 2 years)

I'm off tomorrow for my first client visit with our technical genius with an overnight stay for the early start on Wednesday.

The allotment should be available to us soon so in preparation I did some gardening over the weekend and managed to pace myself well and not overdo things and break myself.

I even went for a short run whilst out with the dogs this week ....well when I say run .. it was more of a jog, and there were 3 noticeable walking bits in there too, but again - not broken, not even too winded

I went for my monthly bloods last Friday so I'm hoping to get the results tomorrow so I can publish them (pinky swear) I'm expecting them all to be really good well behaved numbers.

Life is a very happy place right now and I'm really enjoying it.

On that note (sorry short and rubbish update but I have to go and pack for tomorrow) I'll hopefully provide a less rubbish update tomorrow

Take care everyone.


  1. Hi Tracy, enjoying your blog as ever! I have a question. I had Lemtrada rd 1 Aug 28 to Sept 1 this year. So I just had my first lot of blood tests. I am in Australia. They didn't do LFT's they aren't on the form. Are LFT's on the form from the drug company or do you get them done as an extra? You have TSH done each month, in Australia they do it every 3 months, is that an extra? Going to see GP on Tuesday for a string of minor ailments that he won't be able to do a thing about LOL! And thought I would ask seeing I might ask him for some extra blood tests... Thanks.Nicci

    1. BTW in the spirit of sharing - my lymphocyte count is a big fat zero. Ha.

    2. Hi Nicci
      Apologies for the late response. Liver Function should be one of the monthly standard ones as far as I know.
      The TSH one when I had round 1 and it was all being set up.... the nurse to put them on the system as monthly for 5 years because doing that was easier than manually adding them every three months for 5 years - this is something I have never discouraged.
      Those lymphocytes will rise - hopefully very very slowly :-) xxx


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