Friday 28 April 2017

R2Wk48 - When bloods tests turn bad

A mini update from me after my appointment to harvest bloods.
It didn't go well, I have 3 new holes in me, at least 2 decent size bruises and as a last resort we used my right arm again depite the scarring on the vein that the hospital warned me about.
A little word of warning for others, the first nurse saked what I'd had to drink this morning - only a cup of black coffee. I was a little dehydrated .... ME..... the OCD 'drink your water before, during and after and never stop' advocate who sloshes back 3 litres every day -
In my defence it was early in the morning and until I've had my first coffee of the day I barely register as alive, let alone awake of making any kind of sense.
So a litre of water later I'm hydrated and sucessfully stabbed
Now I begin the long wait for them to return from the Pathology Lab again.

3 day weekend here in the UK, live, love and have fun ladies and gentlemen xxx

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