Wednesday 26 April 2017

R2Wk48 - Fun, sun and SNOW in April

This week has been as usual pretty fantastic, lots of dog walks, sunshine and living in general.

There has also been a surprise holiday in my very near future. Lem Girl on tour again, back to Portugal but this time with my friend Phillipa rather than Gareth. Her daughter was scheduled to go with her to her place in Old town Albufiera for 10 days but as things do, plans change and the spot opened up for a girlie holiday. The parking is booked at Gatwick, the hire car is booked so we just have to pack and get ourselves there, then most likely we will spend 10 days with Kindles and Candy Crush and talking very little LOL.

The sunshine continued here in the UK until 5.20pm yesterday when in True ‘British Weather’ style I took the dogs to the park and there was a monsoon followed by snow and hailstones …….. we hid in the hut on the park for 25 minutes while it calmed down then all rather cold and wet went home to snuggle up in out blankets to warm up again. I’m blaming this on Gareth who decided on Sunday afternoon to put a pair of shorts on – he scared Spring away in much the same way as me putting on a dress guarantees rain. I should add this is 'British' snow and hailstones which means that they landed melted and disapeared from every surface - except on Amber-Dog where they seems to like it and hung aorund for a while

Work is completely manic at the moment with me running round like a crazy person on 2 conference calls at once while I try to get to a meeting – to be honest I quite like it when it gets like this as it’s interesting and challenging – thank goodness the cog fog has gone, it would all have been quite messy if it hadn’t.

Friday is once again stabbing day, my month 11 blood results. Lymphocytes on the last lot had made it to 1.06 (lower limit is 1.3) they’ll probably jump a fair amount this month as I’ve had another abscess trying to come up in my mouth (in the same place as last year – at the same time) so the little darlings will have been breeding like crazy to deal with it. No doubt they’ll drop next month once they’ve won their battle and all thrown themselves off the nearest cliff like lemmings as Lymphocytes do.

Apart from that life is lovely and MS free as usual.

Love and germ free hugs to you all

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