Thursday 30 June 2016

Round 2 Week 6 almost done and my weird scarf fetish

Apologies for the late update this week, my laptop seems to be having a strop about loading my post's and draft's and I've started this 3 times and been unable to go back and edit it so this is attempt number 4 - must publish before I leave the page this time.
Once again time seems to be flying by. I guess because so much has been happening at home and in the UK both politically and in Sport.

Today's update comes on the back of a strange old week, the woeful England performance and being publicly spanked by Iceland in the Euros. 52% of the UK voted to leave the Euro throwing the whole British political system into the shredder, our 2 main parties are now looking for a new leader (although one refuses to stand down despite 75% of his party voting for no confidence)
I've spent the whole week working from our Bracknell office doing a handover with a colleague who's leaving us to go to new pastures. This has made a nice change and dramatically reduced my weekly mileage and travel times (YAY saved spoons and saved money)
Gareth and I had a 'big kids' evening last night and went to watch 'The Secret Life Of Pets' in 3D at an evening 'grown up's showing' a the cinema. We were both in gales of laughter a the behaviour of the dogs and cats, we could see so much of our own pets behaviour in them. I indulged in a 3 scoop Ben and Jerry's sundae as my movie snack (sorry fitbit and diet) but it was so lovely.
MS wise / Lemtrada update:
I had an interesting revelation whilst at work earlier this week. Someone I don't actually know who followed me round parts of the building commented on my 'odd behaviour'.
She had been in he bathroom at the same time as me and watched fascinated as I'd washed and dried my hands then applied anti bac before then opening the door to leave using my scarf as a barrier between my hand and the door. I then proceeded to repeat the action through the other 4 doors between the bathroom and my desk. The lady thought it was completely weird that I'd navigated the whole building without 'actually' touching anything at all.
I explained that it wasn't something I'd actively 'decided to do' and that it was apparently an unconscious thing given my currently compromised immune system; and yes I probably looked like a complete weirdo.
Cue the explanation about having MS (sad face and condolences were in evidence) then I explained the treatment, how it worked, why I chose to have it early and what it had done for me (shocked face and slightly stunned response) followed by 'I've got this friend with MS .... would you talk to them please? I'll be going for coffee with an MS stranger again soon.
I can't say 'scarfing' has been a conscious thing to do since treatment, but last night at the cinema, I didn't wear a scarf yet I repeated the 'protection' thing by sliding my hands up into the sleeves of my jacket then opening doors with a jacket barrier.
I remember being told the old 'results of testing peanuts on a bar' thing many years ago. Scientists tested peanuts and snacks left on bars and the results were horrifying to me. There were multiple types of various bodily 'substances' from multiple 'donor's on them - how sickening is that? I've been a bit strange since hearing that. I won't hold handrails on stairs or escalators always push a door somewhere other than where the 'hand plate' is. I certainly won't touch bar snacks left out for the masses EEEK. I'd never noticed it has escalated to 'I never touch anything if I have a choice' .
Perhaps it's just an extension of my already twitchy OCD about these things, but it's certainly worth reporting as a 'keeping hygienic' tip since I generally don't 'catch stuff'.
It's certainly another justification for the enormous quantity of what I refer to as 'scarf porn' that I own - some women buy handbags, others buy shoes - me I buy pretty scarfs, shawls and pashmina's.
Anyway my apologies to those who are having a hard time post treatment or before but as usual I'm doing disgustingly well, all improvements remain in place and I'm loving life even if some of my behaviours make people think I'm really quite odd.

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