Thursday 23 June 2016

Round 2 Month 1 bloods

Here they are: the scores on the doors for round 2 month 1.
I've hidden some of the 'in between months' so it shows the comparison to month 1 post round 1 and the last couple of tests before treatment.
A slightly higher recovery over month 1 this time than last and the Eosinophils are a little low. A quick google of 'causes of low Eosinophils' responded with a straight forward this can be a result of high dose steroids so I'm not overly concerned. I've emailed them off to my Neurologist and MS Nurse so they can see how it compares and I know they'll come back to me if they think otherwise.
All going great guns for round 2 so far. All improvements are holding steady and no MS type stuff to report.

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