Thursday 9 June 2016

Round 2 Week 3 - Feeling HOT HOT HOT

YAY for steroid sweats - NOT
I can't even be a grumpy cow about it now my mood swings (again thank you steroids) have evened out. It just 'is' and I need to keep well ventilated - even my flip flops are off and I'm sitting with bare feet in the office.
We had massive storms here in Berkshire this week. On Tuesday the 'cowardly girl' abandoned the conservatory and hid in the lounge with the dogs because I was convinced the lightening would strike the conservatory and I'd be showered in glass kind of scared. Usually I'm a great lover of storms, I'll go out into a covered area and watch and film the thunder and lightening but this one was truly terrifying.
In between the storms it's been lovely, a typical British summer really.
According to my shiny new FitBit in the last 48 hours I've managed to walk a whopping great 12km. I'm working really hard to meet my 10,000 steps a day target and so far I'm managing it. My diet has been great and I'm starting to lose weight and get fit all at the same time. I feel very motivated and pleased that I'm not just sticking to the plan, but also feeling better for it too.
It probably helps that part of the plan is a nightly walk to the pub with Gareth and the dogs! It's really important that they get the necessary time on the lead in public places where there are distractions like bikes, other dogs, kids on scooters and 'new humans'. The walk to and from the pub is 1k in each direction with the added bonus that we can have a drink in the beer garden and socialise whilst reinforcing the training.
The sleep monitoring on the wrist band also says I'm sleeping properly now (YAY) which I knew without the band but it's nice to see it formally confirmed by the technology.
We've walked the dogs to the pub and back every day this week and the first time I did it wearing the FitBit my heart rate just walking at a reasonable speed shot up to 145bpm ..... by last night it was down to 116bpm which was actually lower than Gareth's and stayed in the 'fat burning zone' rather than cardio (which will come later) so I feel a challenge coming on!
I'm slightly nervous about how the cycling over the weekend might work out with the cycle up to next village and back, I haven't checked out the distance but I think it's about 3.5 to 4 miles each way. Driving it with the 'instant fuel consumption' display in he car it seems to be relatively flat which is an absolute must for the first time in a long time. The project manager in me already has the 'disaster recovery planning' done - If I'm completely wrecked I'll just send Gareth back on his bike to go and get my car and come rescue me and the bike :-) (while I have a cold drink and cool down).
Oxygen therapy and getting my smashed iPhone screen replaced are the only other plans for the weekend apart from more walking and training for the pups - oops - more trips to the pub then - happy days

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