Tuesday 14 June 2016

Round 2 week 4 I'm cool and 5lb's lighter

I'm officially in love with the FitBit it is absolutely my favourite toy right now. This is mostly because in the week since I bought it I've lost 5lb's in weight (the previous 3 weeks of  Weight Watchers were 5lb's in total)
The dogs have had their evening walk every day this week to the pub and the humans can have a beer because we've burnt the calories on the walk too. It makes changing your lifestyle a little less hard when you can have a little of what you fancy.
My body temperature regulation seems to now be evening out, I can now wear 'normal' shoes not just flip flops. the itchies seem to have gone now and my sleep remains 'normal' no more waking up if there is the slightest sound within a half mile radius of the house.
All things considered post round 2 has been much less bother than post round 1. I suspect that this has a lot to do with the knowledge I've acquired along the way. It's also helped that I finally worked out that a lot of what I experienced was down to the vile steroids rather than Lemtrada. (you live and learn). I do not have fatigue, but I do get tired and sometimes nod off on the sofa in the evening for a while with the dogs. My walking remains pretty great, no balance or foot drop issues and using that handy FitBit I can see that actually my heart rate is better now I'm doing much more regular exercise.
I'm continuing to work full time, I am at my usual desk with my hand bottles of Anti-bacterial gel for both my use and everyone who comes over to me to use as well. We go out for meals
The bee keeper has been and removed the bird box and the swarm that had taken up residence in it, they have been relocated into a hedgerow on the edge of a cow field in Mattingly to live out their little bee lives happily.
I'm quite happily enjoying the Euro's although I'm not holding out much hope for England reaching very far. There has been so many problems in France with badly behaved fans on pretty much every side. I don't understand why the need to get drunk, behave in an appalling manner and fight seems to go hand in hand with Football. For me it certainly means that I will NEVER be attending an international match on foreign soil anywhere.
I had an interesting phone call this morning about the 2nd accident I had in January. It would appear the saga of 'Admiral Insurance hired this car on my behalf and it is covered by their blanket insurance policy is still rumbling on. It would appear the motor cyclist is now claiming on his insurance for 'The damage to his bike'. I took lots of photographs of the damage to the hire car and the clearly undamaged bike at the scene. They have now been sent on to the people dealing with the claim - I will be interested to see what comes of it. I see him doing exactly the same thing every day, driving down the wrong side of the road to get past the queues and on a couple of occasions I've seen him nearly get hit again by oncoming cars or just people trying to pull onto their driveways - I guess some people just don't want to learn.

All things considered life remains pretty awesome. xxx

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