Monday 30 March 2020

I finally did it - Video published on You(look awful) Tube

  • So it's early morning
  • I'm only on my second cup of coffee
  • I've been up and Working From Home Office since 07:30am
  • I have what can only be described as 'Iso-hair' - I look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards - twice
  • I have no makeup on so my complexion looks like pizza
  • I haven't turned the light on in the office because:
    • I'm northern and we don't spend money necessarily
    • it helps tone down 'pizza face'
  • I didn't give this any thought other than 'fuckit lets just get on with it now'
So yes I'm middle aged, fat, I have wonky eyes and a today the complexion of pizza and shit hair.

Actually my timing is absolutely dreadful, I mean really what was I thinking - well it's done now.

Enjoy - even if it's only that you pity me or take one look and think 'yay well my life doesn't suck so much'

Virtual love and hugs all round

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