Monday 2 March 2020

4+9+2 - Dull, miserable and birthdays

We got the quote back from the tiler and it’s not too scary, we’ve been and looked at some lovely tiles so we have a good idea of how many vital organs we’re going to need to sell off in order to get the en-suite done – new bathrooms seem to be eye wateringly expensive.
The dogs have new dog beds, and last night for the first time in 2 years Gareth and I actually had the bed to ourselves *faints*, Bella seems to be coming back to herself after the loss of Amber and but she and Winston seem to be a little more balanced.

Yet another storm over the weekend Jorge …. Maybe it’s because it’s my birthday tomorrow but I’m nostalgically looking back thinking ‘remember the days when we just had bad weather’ …. It didn’t have names (well not ones you’d use in polite conversation) it was just how this time of year was each and every year and we just got on with it. K9 was closed on Saturday (in case Jorge blew down trees) and then the sun shone for most of the day with the occasional torrential downpour, some sleet, hailstones and yes some snow too ….. all in the space of an hour.
So yes it’s my birthday tomorrow and for some reason, this year it’s making me incredibly low and sad. Perhaps it’s because 5 years ago it was the last time I spoke to my brother on my birthday, or 7 years ago, my mum, 17 years ago my dad. I’m being silly, but this year it just feels even more lonely than ever. The postman won’t bring a bunch of cards, there won’t be phone calls, no Mum’s madcap surprise visits where I’d get a phone call saying ‘guess where I am’ and she’d be in the pub near my home or outside work at lunch time.

It’s just a day like no different to any other and tomorrow I’m going to spend the day home alone with the dogs.
Good grief I’m a miserable bitch this week.

We’re going out for Argentine Steak tomorrow evening YUM
So what else has been going on?

Not much really, chilling, being boring and middle aged
– my hair is finally growing back after I had it all so brutally cut short last year

Boring right?
I think I’ll just stop here and hope that I’m not such a dull whiny little bitch next week.

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