Sunday 22 March 2020

4+10 and a bit - isolating and exploding toilets

The 12 weeks was announced by government on Monday with MS listed as one of the conditions that should go into hibernation. 

Strangely I’m seeing a lot of questions from people who heard the announcements, read the information on the government notifications and are still making comments like ‘I’ve called my MS nurse to check but he/she hasn’t called me back yet’ or even better ‘I’m waiting for a letter to confirm’ - perhaps my tolerance is a little low right now but I do wonder why they think the NHS has time to print and post a bunch of letters when every nurse I know is working flat out trying to help take care of people in the hospitals?

Bloods on Friday went as planned, there was a lady demanding to see her doctor face to face because she needed her medicine adjusting and she didn’t want it done as a telephone consultation - she had herself so wound up she was on the brink of a panic attack and couldn’t breathe 

Anyway I will call on Monday to see if there’s any results but I guess they’re not priority right now and rightly so -  it might be a while or not at all - they’re not making appointments for more so it looks like the last 2 months of my 5 years of testing might not happen - a shame because my 5 year results tracking spreadsheet will never be completely filled. 

Anyway yesterday morning was a catastrophe - at 8am I went to the bathroom sat down on the loo and the water inlet pipe snapped - a fountain of water shooting across the bathroom. Gareth ran down and turned the water off at the mains shut off and we had to have an emergency plumber out. The dogs and I social distanced ourselves in the back garden while he isolated to toilet properly - he’s got to come back on Monday to repair it properly and overall a bill of nearly £300 😢😢

We knew the toilet was moving a little - replacing it was part of the work we were getting done which sadly won’t be happening for a long time now. 

I now have a lovely new big monitor in my newly cleared out home office so I have a proper working space for the next few months (its been my office for years I just haven’t used it so it became the room where technology goes to die - 2 X-Boxes, 5 keyboards, 6 mouses. 2 gamer headphones and numerous unidentifiable bits of computer innards were sent to the dump) - sadly our cleaner won’t see the fruits of my labour for a long time, she’s a health care worker so she’s saying she won’t come near me for my safety. 

I’m hoping the recovered verses died numbers will start to improve over the next couple of weeks. It seems it can take 10-21 days to recover and test negative which is obviously a far longer timeframe than it is for a vulnerable person to die when covid develops into pneumonia. 

A lot of our restaurants have converted completely to takeaway and delivery businesses now so they can continue in some form. We have a wholesale greengrocer a couple of miles away which usually supplies all the local schools, business catering, restaurants and hotels - they’re now doing veg boxes - delivery for those that can’t go out for a small fee and collection for those who can. Gareth collects ours tomorrow. 

All good here (exploding toilets aside)

The sun is shining in March in England rather than it pissing it down - fickle weather choosing the one year when we can’t go out to be nice 

Stay home, stay safe and stay in touch xx

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