Tuesday 30 April 2019

Amber update - good news and I'm back to happy again

Post vets update

So it’s confirmed Amber has had her second stroke, or in doggy terminology – canine idiopathic vestibular syndrome. She was given a steroid injection last night and has a new medication to take twice a day. I double checked the date of her last one while we were there, it was the weekend of my birthday March 3rd so she went 8 weeks between them. The vet said that in comparison to other dogs she had seen this wasn’t too bad (Our friends dog Jake was much more severe last year and he’s on the same meds and mostly back to himself again now) so fingers crossed. She did have the ‘quality of life’ discussion with us but agrees Amber is happy if wobbly and now is not the time.
I’m feeling more myself today, I’m a little sad because it would have been my brothers 44th birthday today, Facebook is both kind and cruel in showing the photos of Ian’s 40th as a little cruel in asking me would I like to wish him happy birthday – goodness knows I would.

So the rest of the week - now I’m not a blithering mess.
I have a 4 day weekend coming up. Monday is a bank holiday here in the UK and I booked Tuesday off because I’m back at the hospital for my eye check up at 11:45 and it seems a shame to not take advantage of a long weekend.

We don’t really have anything specific planned, but I’d like to get those bits and bats around the house started that I’ve been threatening to get on with for ages (I’m sure this idea will horrify Gareth) I’ve booked extra dog park sessions for the beasties which will make them all very happy.
I’m actually feeling pretty ‘serene’ today for want of a better word, I think I’ve finally caught up on the sleep that I’ve missed for the last few weeks. Bob is in the car not the office and the sun is shining. I’ve got loads done already this morning, I’m on plan for my eating regime and I’ve only had my one cup of coffee per day. I’m working my way through my first litre of water and I haven’t missed an eye drop at its required time. Gareth’s working from home, so Amber has him there and I’m not worried she might be trying to get up or down the stairs in her wobbly state.

It’s all good.
Sorry for being such a worry wart yesterday and sounding so down. I’m back to my usual happy self today.

Tracy xx

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