Wednesday 3 April 2019

3 years 45 weeks All is good with the world

Date night was awesome, if you haven’t seen the trailer for Fisherman’s Friends, take a look at it on YouTube, go see it and enjoy. It was everything I hoped it would be, funny and poignant, nostalgic and heart-warming. And yes it also made me cry, but then these things usually do. I’m sitting here typing about it 7 days later and the little pictures playing through my head of parts of it are still making me smile as I type.
Animal updates:

·        Bella has been ‘done’ and had her follow up appointment, she’s been a dream and not nibbled at her wound or stiches and isn’t in the mood for zoomies yet.

·        Murphy had his check up on his awful leg injury and whilst still looking rather odd is healing nicely.

·        Amber’s blood tests came back in normal parameters
Friday I’m in Theatre getting stabbed in the neck to try and encourage the disc which is trying to escape back into where it should be. I’m incredibly nervous after the whole getting a lumbar puncture debacle at Basingstoke hospital back in 2014 when was diagnosed (something I don’t think I’ve ever shared on here but I didn’t want to freak people out – the incompetence of one team isn’t something that everyone else should be measured against) It’s being done by the top guy in this area, it will be fine, I’m being silly, ignore me.

Date night this week was last night, a trip to the Six Bells for a lovely Indian meal after a surprise trip to the vet with Bella for a vaccination that couldn’t be done which completely buggered up our plans for the evening and dinner. We came home and I promptly fell asleep on the sofa – I am a rubbish date I think LOL

Apart from being stabbed on Friday, we also have Gareth’s parents coming for the weekend so there needs to be a flurry of doing laundry between now and then and as usual I’d really like to have done some long overdue bits of work on the house too – a bit of touching up paintwork where it’s been Bella chewed, but that’s not going to happen. I’ll put something ‘slow cooked’ on before I go to the hospital so it can just be dished up later. Saturday I’m going the BBQ route because that’s just how we roll, perhaps Greek Lamb marinated in lovely yogurt and mint goodness.

MS-Wise – everything is on an even keel, pretty normal and very ‘dull’ for want of a better word. I guess when we have MS, Dull and boring is good, it means that nothing is going wrong and causing us concern.

It’s got to make for pretty dull reading though. I’ll admit these days I start my weekly update and think what the heck do I write that won’t make people think YAWN. I’m not going to stop, but I guess I’m acknowledging and apologising for the simple truth that there isn’t more exciting things to tell (although the ‘post stabbing in the neck’ one next week might be more interesting)
Gareth’s 40th is also coming up on the 19th, finally his age will start with the same number as mine – it’s been a long 7 years with him being a thirty something and me being 40 something, I now get just under 3 years of relative peace until the big 5-OHHHH happens when all the micky taking will start again. Once again I find myself wondering where the heck all that time went, how can it be – then I read back through the last few posts and think – yup Tracy, you’re an old fart better get used to that LOL

And on that bombshell (if you didn’t watch UK Top Gear of old this phrase will mean nothing to you)
I’ll stop now and admire the lovely sunshine outside the office window, AND THE SNOW THAT IS FALLING ….. gotta love a British springtime xxx

And just because it makes me smile, here's a daft picure to leave you with xx

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