Tuesday 2 January 2018

R2 M19 + 3 Wks - Neuro Update + Christmas and New Year

ARGH …. So sorry for being rubbish over Christmas and New Year, my only defence is that with access only to an iPad and Phone I simply didn’t have sufficient self loathing that I was willing to put myself through trying to make a substantial post without the use of a keyboard.

So first things first (although it’s not in sequence) lets deal with the outcome of the MRI and my meeting with new Neurologist (since that’s the reason people are reading this and not just because my weird little life is just that exciting)

The new Neuro seems nice, it’s going to take a long time for me to forgive that she’s not Dr C (but that’s really not her fault) she gave me a bit an MS – MOT and confirmed that I’m really not in bad nic. We also went through the MRI slices and it’s good news …..

I’ve been confirmed as NEDA again for the 3rd year running

I’m so pleased to get this. I’ve been guilty of the one thing I warn people we shouldn’t do. That problem with my leg, I assumed it was activity and MS and didn’t look for other possibilities first.

Rookie mistake

I’m people first not MS first I should have looked at it dispassionately and investigated properly, I could have saved myself a few months of discomfort if I’d just followed my own rules. I guess I needed to learn that lesson once again. I have another appointment on Wednesday with the lovely Ron to apply another fix to my psoas muscle which is in spasm – which to be fair has been much better over the Christmas and New Year period (right up to yesterday when I did far too much walking and Gareth commented that he could see it was giving my a problem because I had slowed down so much)

Christmas in Wales with Aunty Kathy was lovely, far too much food and not too much to drink and it was lovely and relaxing – just what we needed. Gareth went up to Halifax to see his family while I came back down for the Neuro appointment (really sad that I missed out on that, but his Mum and Dad are coming to visit this weekend so I can make up for it a little)

On the way back from Wales I discovered that the diamond in my engagement ring had somehow fallen out – nowhere to be found – well to be honest apart from Aunty Kathy checking that it wasn’t in the bedding somewhere in Wales, looking was a little ‘moot’ – it could have been down a sink, down the shower, in Machynellth, Aberystwyth, on the Estuary where we walked the dogs, somewhere between there and Solihull in the West Midlands at a service station where I washed my hands and put screen-wash in the car – the locations were endless. I was heartbroken, cried most of the way home from Solihull to Berkshire.

I pulled on my big girl pants then and pulled myself together. It’s horrible and heart breaking and annoying but it really wasn’t the end of the world in the big scheme of things and far worse things happen. Besides on a bright note a ‘sub’ in the Sales was a very ‘do-able’ thing. I’m now sporting a rather lovely, very shiny new engagement ring which is stunning and was half price in the sale 😊

New Year was quiet, Gareth and I and some very fine English Sparkling wine (we decided to be a little different this year and leave the Pol Roger Champagne for another time) a beautiful red wine to go with absolutely the best homemade chilli con carne I have ever made and the night rounded off ‘old-skool’ with some Sing-Star on the PlayStation with Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars as the last song as it was our first dance at our wedding.

I have high hopes for 2018. It’s started wonderfully and I hope it keeps on getting better and better.

So to you all, I send my best wishes to you.

My New Years toast to you all is …..

In 2018 I wish you Good Health, Happiness, Family & Friends – the ONLY things that really matter

Much love xxxx

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  1. Having an MRI could really pay off. Imagine living the rest of your life worried that an imaginary illness is killing you slowly. That would drive me crazy if I were in that situation. Let's just be thankful that the results of the MRI had proven the first finds wrong.


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