Monday 8 January 2018

R2, M19 New Year, New Fence panels again

 Good morning all. Hope you had a great weekend.

Weekly update time from not so sunny Berkshire.

I had my second session last Wednesday with the lovely Ron at BMSTC to get myself acupunctured again to resolve the dodgy psoas muscle that’s been impacting on my leg and walking. It’s really odd to get stabbed a bit in strange places and feel my leg getting better. I can straighten it fully now, and I’ve not actually had to use a stick since before Christmas.
I got the written report from my new neuro over the weekend. It seems fairly comprehensive although according to her I’m hopeful to start ‘dancing’ again soon – I’m not entirely sure who she had that conversation with but it certainly wasn’t me …..

I’ve also had to contact Southampton regarding my next appointment with the new Neuro which clearly states 6 months review but the appointment they sent through is a 12 month one – 27th of December 2018 – sadly with the state of how things seem to be running at Southampton these days this is more ‘par for the course’ than an exception to the rule. It all seems to be a complete and utter mess down there right now with the administration being in disarray in regard to appointments, schedules and management of the service in general.
NOTE: - They’ve advised that DECEMBER is their next available appointments and that they’ll ‘put a note on my file to TRY to bring it forward – strangely they can NOT confirm in writing they will do this. I’m seeing the doctor on the 18th, time to be moved to a health authority that is not in disarray.

I had a proper compressed oxygen therapy dive at BMSTC on Saturday for the first time in ages, whilst it takes so much longer out of the day to do a compressed dive, it really is so much more effective than sitting in the chair. I felt great when I came out, human, alive and on top of the world. It seems to have shaken something lose in my head though I’m now very sniffy and sneezing for England. I don’t feel unwell, just got a very red nose of all the blowing.
NOTE: - 3 hours later, I’m now seeing the doctor at 16:50 because I’m feeling quite rough now if I’m honest.
Gareth now has an assigned IV and had an afternoon out with his ‘boy’ on Saturday, it seemed to go well, unfortunately as with my ‘boy’ he’s a Liverpool fan so shockingly poor taste in team choice in both boys 😊
The time is coming nearer for our friend to move away up to Scotland for her new job, we are going to miss both her and Jakey-Dog when they go. Leaving drinkies are happening next weekend in Reading which I fully expect might get a bit ‘messy’ 😊

We never got around to going up to the allotment over the weekend, must sort that out as we have potatoes to plant so we have yummy Mayan Gold’s through the summer to go with the national surplus of Onion and Garlic we’ve already put in. Hopefully this coming weekend the weather will be better so we can get that done.
Might be taking a trip up to Lancashire later this week or early next for a work meeting so another small ‘lem-girl on tour’ event – I really do need to get to more glamourous places – perhaps Florida, the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, basically anywhere warm and sunny!!! I know that’s not really a common thing for someone with MS to hope for, but I believe I’ve mentioned before that I’m probably part lizard or snake because I’m quite happy to be warm and cosy pretty much all of the time.
We lost 4 fence posts and 5 panels when Eleanor blew through last week on the outside fencing for the garden. That's a big ouch that we really could have done without in January. The lovely Nino is coming Wednesday / Thursday this week to rip it all out and start again with new fencing and posts all the way round the outside stretch of garden pathway. That will bring our spending over the lst 2.5 years on the house that needed nothing doing to it, to nearly £25k - bloody ouch. Just as well I was made redundant really 😊

Life remains awesome as always, hope everyone is taking care of themselves xx

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