Wednesday 17 January 2018

1y 35wks post R2 - road trips galore

A bit late posting this weeks update, I’ve been ‘oop Norf in Lancashire at a customer site with work and as usual couldn’t face trying to construct an update on an iPad.

I’ve done nearly 450 miles in the last couple of days in a hire car and the fix that Ron has done for me at BMSTC on the spasming psoas muscle is still holding – 28 days now without needing to use sticks to walk 😊

The lovely Nino came (he brought his Dad this time) and replaced all our broken down old fence last week with a beautiful new windproof one for those in the Reading / Berkshire area – I cannot recommend Woodley Fencing And Gardening Services highly enough 😊

The weekend was somewhat disrupted, the thing that I thought was ‘shaken free’ in Oxygen Therapy turned out to be a little viral infection which hung around all week. The trip to the doctor on Monday night was ‘interesting’ she asked what I ‘wanted’ – I think expecting me to just ask for a big dose of antibiotics or something, all I could say was ‘check me over and tell me if I ‘need’ anything other than the over the counter cold meds I’m taking …. Apparently, I’m a bit of an ‘odd duck’ in her experience of people with chronic illness in that I’m very anti medication unless I have no choice. Turned out I just needed a couple of days working from home on the comfy couch and lots of lovely LemSip Max to do the trick with it.

I had a couple of road trips over the weekend, one to see a friend of mine in hospital after an accident, and then a trip out to recover his car for him. Fortunately, he’s now sprung from hospital and life is getting back to normal.

MS wise everything is pleasantly ‘normal’ no symptoms, no problems – just the way a life as a Lemmie should be – boringly normal 😊

So plans for this week (what’s left of it) I ‘might’ have another road trip on Friday to Blackpool for work (and I’ve not yet managed to find a way to do it remotely – but I’m working on it 😊)

The rest of the week and the weekend currently looks blissfully clear of any commitment other than my usual dog walking times at K9 Pleasure Park and oxygen therapy at BMSTC (assuming they’ll let me in the building – the slightest look like you’re coughing or sniffling and they’re not terribly happy for you to be there in case you spread it around – reasonable enough in my opinion)

Thursday I’m at the doctors first thing to get some more migraine medication (I absolutely love that sumatriptan can sort a migraine out in 20 minutes, I’m also low on Co-Proxamol which honestly for severe pain is the only thing that works on me that doesn’t send me completely loopy) plus I want to talk about changing to a new Neurologist within the Berkshire area so I don’t have to deal with Hampshire and Southampton being so very rubbish.

Friday is ‘stabbing day’ time for my monthly blood and pee tests again, time to see how those lymphocytes are doing (could be a significant increase if infection fighting is still in progress – or a significant drop if it’s all done and they’ve all committed mass suicide again because their work is done) It will also show how if there is still something ‘funky’ going on with the Neutrophils which have been slowly rising for the last few months. Nobody else seems to be worried about them rising, so for now I’m not going to worry myself overly about it either despite foolishly googling possible causes of elevated Neutrophils.

That’s all for now folks, I will be back to wibble at you some more next week

Stay tough xx

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