Thursday 1 September 2016

Week 15 - Post Neuro and MS nurse update

The day after the afternoon before.
It would appear all of my concerns were unfounded about needing a new MS Nurse and Neurologist. Having seen both the Lovely Margaret and the Lovely Dr C yesterday they have both said they are happy to continue to keep me on their lists despite me being a resident of Berkshire now rather than Hampshire. YAY - loves you both ladies.
They are both very happy with my progress overall I've done so very well with the treatment and been a model patient taking care of myself.
I am now on a 'when you need us' schedule for my neurologist rather than mandatory 6 monthly reviews so unless I feel I'm relapsing I'm in the clear. This feels like a real breakthrough on the MS front, that I'm classed as no longer requiring constant monitoring.
My Neurologist has referred me to a Neurosurgeon regarding the prolapsed disc in my neck to see if it might be responsible for the still occasional 'pops' in my head behind my right eye (I had another one on the way up to Halifax the weekend before last) it is a long shot that it is connected, but worthy of investigation.
Dr S also mentioned that the 'tonsils' at the base of my spine are a bit wedged into the top of my spine which is referred to as a Chiari Malformation. This is something I've been aware of for many years (back to that car accident in 1996 again) It was attributed to the Full Extension whiplash injury where by back and spine arched so far I hit the back of my head on the back of the seat I was sitting in. Again it 'could' be the cause of the popping sensations and head pain that comes with them. Strangely having googled the symptoms of this (dangerous I know) there are so many cross overs with MS symptoms that I think had this been investigated more before now it might have seriously hampered my MS diagnosis and treatment. (YAY for lesions - now there's something I thought I would never say)
I'm feeling pretty great about life the world and everything right now, there are 23 more days until we go on holiday (look out Portugal (Algarve / Silves region) - here I come) The car is booked, parking is booked, dog and cat care is sorted - now I'm wondering what I've forgotten to do LOL
Gareth has been to see the team at my old Physio centre - it seems that August was the month for randomly injuring yourself in your sleep: I broke my thumb, he has somehow managed to push out of place some muscles and ligaments in his back.
Now he doesn't remember how this happened - I 'may' have witnessed it and been at least partially responsible for it.
He went to bed earlier than me last Saturday night after a few too many glasses of wine. When I went up to bed and he was on his back snoring like a derailing train lying at a strange angle with a leg hanging off the bed (the dogs appeared not to mind this as they were sleeping in my space) so I spent the night in the spare room. I feel really bad, I should have tried to move him into a more comfortable position but he wasn't going to wake up no matter how I tried so I left him there. Clearly this injury is all my fault so I'm now being a good wife and fetching and carrying for him. He has 2 more sessions planned with the Physio and then Pilates to strengthen his core - fingers crossed he's all mended before the holiday.
All is good in my weird little world, MS ? What MS :-) xxxx

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