Monday 19 September 2016

Round 2 week 18 - bring on the Peri Peri chicken

Saturday is so close I can almost smell the chicken. Not that I'm wishing time away .... I have 4 days to leave work in a place where I can walk away and the world won't end.
We have laundry and packing to get sorted. I've remembered to buy sun screen this time before we leave as last May I was only able to buy the high factor stuff with 'glitter' in - I looked like that sparkly vampire from the Twilight books for a week and I swear there's still glitter in some of my clothes even though they've been washed dozens of times since then.
The K9 Pleasure Park which has opened just up from our house has been a complete gift, a completely secure 'private hire dog park' where unless you've invited them to join you there will be no other dogs or humans around at all. Winston is able to go completely off lead, run himself exhausted and take regular dips in the 'dog pool' under the fountain (hose)
It means I spend an hour on my feet mostly wandering around throwing tennis balls for him and picking up the copious amounts of dog poop the little beasts manage to vend.
The weekend has been quiet and relaxing with trips to K9PP and a little pre holiday shopping. Work is - well it's work ..... come in do stuff get frustrated, fix stuff go home and forget about stuff.
All in all life is pretty fantastic with everything going to plan.
Now just need some Portuguese sunshine to round out the month

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