Monday 12 September 2016

Round 2 Week 17 done

Week 17 is here and Facebook has reminded me this morning that on this day 2 years ago I was admitted to hospital as an emergency admission with a suspected brain haemorrhage. Something had gone ‘POP’ in my head behind my right eye 4 days earlier and I’d felt like I had a migraine that wouldn’t quit – then I nearly passed out in the supermarket.
Over the next 36 hours with an emergency CT scan and lumbar puncture, they managed to rule out brain haemorrhage, strokes and tumours in my head. For the first time I heard someone use the words ‘you may have Multiple Sclerosis’
I know I’m weird, but to be honest that was absolutely the best news I’d had all weekend – after all the first three can all have fairly ‘fatal’ consequences.
Perhaps this anniversary is cause for celebration?
It certainly answered a lot of questions about individual annoying things that I’d been ignoring for at least 2 years prior to the diagnosis.
So very much has changed since this day 2 years ago in terms of both my health and my life.
Health-wise I’m better, so much better than I’ve been in years, all those strange MS things that made walking, seeing, thinking so very hard are now gone.
 Life wise, we have been in our beautiful new (150+ years old) house for over a year. Gareth and I, the dogs and cats have a wonderful life. Our family has experienced another 3 heart breaking losses on top of those in the couple of years before. I’ve managed to spectacularly fail at my escape from the rat race plan by winning the euro millions – but it is Tuesday tomorrow and today I feel pretty lucky so I’m going to invest in a couple of lucky dips and keep my fingers crossed.
This week it is ‘stabbing time’ again, one last set of bloods from the lovely ‘one stab wonder’ nurse at my old doctors surgery before my records finally transfer to the new surgery (I had a wimp out on transferring the registration before my updated drivers licence was returned, wanting the paperwork to be completed by a doctor who actually ‘knows’ me)
The James Villa app reliably informs me that we have 12 days remaining before our 2 weeks of sunshine, relaxation and lovely Portuguese culture, food and drink. I’m so excited I’ve been informed by my colleagues that for a Monday morning I have been unbearable with my cheerfulness, smiles and positivity …… oops LOL (just making it worse now I suspect)
The weekend was a study of relaxation; not doing a lot (apart from Oxygen Therapy as always) a couple of fairly late nights but long lie in’s in the morning. Gareth made the best Indonesian Peanut Chicken curry he’s ever done on Saturday night, I managed to perfectly roast a sirloin Rib roast for Sunday Dinner (the dogs were very miffed that they were not offered leftover’s of either meal – 1 – flatulent dogs absolutely NO curry – EVER – 2 – roast sirloin – only in your dreams puppies)
So that’s it – boring boring Tracy another week crossed off the Lemtrada timeline and it’s still all fantastic.

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