Tuesday 16 February 2016

Week 39 The end of month 9

I need to start doing more good things or I’m going straight to hell. I got a perverse amount of enjoyment this morning whilst getting my morning coffee at work in telling ‘chef’ (I use that term loosely – microwave technician and bag opener) that his sausages did not appeal to me as they were quite pale and limp and looked a little flaccid – 2 out of 3 of these words are ones that men are never comfortable with being directed at themselves.

Chef himself looked a bit limp and flaccid when I’d explained that cooking them in a tray in the oven is cheating, not turning the sausages so that they brown evenly is lazy and taking them out when they’ve barely got any colour at all is something that even the Restaurant Cowboys at our Bracknell office don’t manage to mess up.

I had a very long chat with a lovely man who’s looking at getting Lemtrada as a treatment, it feels good having received so much help and advice from people willing to listen to my ‘silly questions’’ that now I'm in a position where I'm able to ‘pay it forward’ for other people. (I love that film it makes me cry buckets). May Dad always said that it's the footprints you leave for other peoples lives that remain visible long after you've gone. I hope by doing this blog and talking to people I'm leaving a few footprints of my own.

Clearly the being nice 'action' required a ‘bitch-balance’ action to ensure that people don’t start to think I’m really not that bad hence my Deathstar strike at Chef Flaccid this morning.

Dinner last Friday at L’Ortolan was an amazing experience, a 10 course Surprise Menu with wine flights. It was quite simply decadent, magnificent, and a gastronome’s delight. It’s also only 2 miles from our home and they do very reasonably priced 2/3 course evening menu’s which I’m sure we will be checking out very soon.

Saturday evening was pure nostalgia, we had friends over from where we used to live, had Chinese food delivered and talked the night away. I love and miss those guys so very much. We talked and reminisced, we laughed and told scandalous things that had happened mostly we just laughed and it was wonderful. We wouldn’t swap what we have now for what we had then, but oh how I wish I could move them all to us so we didn’t miss them as much. I’m kidding myself of course; I think that perhaps it’s more special that when we take the time to get together properly we do it properly, we pay the gathering the respect and reverence it is due. We appreciate it so much more because we do it because we want to it’s not just a ‘habit’.

Bramley was always a hive of activity and gossip – actually – a den of iniquity might be a more accurate description given some of the stories I heard on Saturday night – I think am quite na├»ve because a lot of what they described actually happened in front of me and I just didn’t notice – Perhaps innocent is a better word? Although I’m sure Chef Flaccid wouldn’t agree with that

Sunday was a lovely Valentine day treat from Gareth, time for us together and just what we needed.

MS wise - well how bad could all that be, someone else cooking, all our meals except Sunday dinner (slow cooked lamb shank – pop it in walk away) relaxing, spending time with friends and loved ones and generally just having a peaceful and restful time. I feel great right now I have no symptoms.

I really do mean NO symptoms; I’ve been reporting that I still had the numbness and electric shock sensation as my remaining symptom, but after seeing the lovely Dr C and receiving the news that there’s ‘something not right with the disc in my neck’ that I’m removing that from my list of MS symptoms and relegating it to my ‘stuff that niggles from old injuries’ list

The shoulder and arm pain has now begun to lessen, I’ve not taken any pain medication since Saturday any I’m actually pretty comfortable. I have my ‘ouchie’ moments usually when I try to pick something up with my arm extended which causes spasm like pain my forearms and shoulders. I’ve asked Gareth to proactively move me along if I’m trying to sleep sitting upright on the reclining sofa as I’d noticed I was hanging my head and the pain was much worse after a sofa snooze. I’m also doing some very basic back stretching to see if that helps. Ultimately I need to find someone with and inversion table so I can go and let gravity do it’s thing stretch my spine and let that disc pop right back where it should be, I just have one slight worry, what if my considerable thighs and bottom weigh too much and my feet and ankles couldn’t hold the weight and my feet ‘fell off’ EEEK

There was a thick frost this morning which was beautiful to see, the sun is shining brightly and the sky is clear and blue.

It’s a beautiful day, I’m smiling, happy, grateful and content. That’s enough.

Wishing you all ‘Enough’ xxx

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