Tuesday 2 February 2016

Week 37 – Neurologist appointment this week

So I see Dr C on Wednesday afternoon, in the interim, unusually for me I might have something not entirely nice to report, I think I might  be having a relapse.
Since late last week I’ve had serious pain and weakness in my upper body, I’ve struggled to describe what it feels like, it’s not entirely muscular, it’s not entirely bone, it’s sort of a combination of the two. I feel bruised and stretched and even picking up a cup, or lifting my arms up hurts.
Logically I know I’ve not done something strenuous that would have caused this (because I’m a lazy mare) so it’s definitely something else, if I had cold like symptoms I would say possibly the Flu (it’s that sort of flu like everything hurts feeling)  but I don’t have other symptoms.
I’m pretty calm about it - honestly.
I’ll talk it through with my lovely Neurologist Dr C on Wednesday and see what her feelings are about it. If I need steroids then so be it, if it just sorts itself out and goes then that’s good too. My next MRI is due in the next few weeks so we will know if another lesion has appeared.
This is a two treatment – two year process, the results I’ve had so far have been incredible. Over the last 8 months I have had a life, not just lived but lived well, done everything I wanted to and MS didn’t stop me at all. It’s not stopping me now, but it is incredibly annoying. It disappoints me that my MS might be breaking through but the treatment is structured to take effect over two years and we can’t all be top of the class.
Round two is coming soon so my incredibly dumb T&B calls will get taught the lesson again since it appears they needed to be told twice – I knew they were going to be told twice from the start so it’s okay. If the dumb little buggers need to be told every year then I’m okay with that too.
On a different topic, our house now has completely new flooring upstairs and the new carpet for the stairs as well. It looks incredible now all clean and new and easy maintenance with the dogs, hoover, steam clean no matter what happens. The two guys who’ve been doing the fitting have been lovely, they’ve helped move some heavy furniture that I couldn’t get out of the way when they didn’t have too. I’ve kept the tea and coffee flowing with lots of lovely biscuits, I’ve fed them homemade soup and fresh crusty bread -apparently in 11 years I’m only the 2nd person to offer them something to eat – I can’t possibly be the only one who thinks that good hospitality is just good manners even if you’re paying someone to do a job – anything less is just really rude. Then again maybe I’m the weird one.
Thanks to the lovely TV chef James Martin, we’ve also had the most amazing buttery melting Shortbread that I’ve cooked over the weekend. The shortbreads were topped with a drizzle of homemade Lemon Curd and they were simply amazing. A whole pack of butter used to make then means that they as sinfully bad for you – but then all the best things are quite bad for you even though they make you very happy.
All in all life is great even if there is possibly a little wobble going on right now and I wouldn’t change my mind about this treatment at all.

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