Thursday 25 February 2016

Month 9 MRI EXCELLENT NEWS on initial findings

25th February 2016


I seem to be talking a lot this week, but it’s been a busy one with the Physiotherapy sessions and the month 9 MRI scan. I had my 2nd session with the Physio on Tuesday evening; it was a roaring success in relation to the tennis elbow injury to my left arm. I now have harder exercises to do as many times as I can each day and instructions that I have to keep doing them until it hurt, not just stop at 10 reps and call it done.

The shoulder was also on the same miraculous improvement level until I fell down the stairs that morning, I’ve clearly wrenched something that hasn’t dislodged the impinged nerve it squished it a bit more. Two days on and it’s starting to improve again but yesterday morning was agonising.

Fortunately I needed to be at the MRI unit by 8:15am so whilst it made it difficult to sleep it also meant that I had no problem getting out of bed early enough to be at the hospital in plenty of time for my MRI. My Dad always told me to ‘Play the glad game’ I’m glad that even though it hurt it did get me out of bed.

The MRI was gloriously uneventful the cannula went in first time, 4 scans in the machine were just over an hour in duration and the lovely Radiologist found me the ‘Rocking All Over The World’ CD to listen to while I was in there.

I sent an email this morning to the lovely Dr C asking was there anything exciting on the MRI

To  the lovely Dr C and  the lovely Margaret my MS nurse:
Hi Ladies just to let you know the MRI was done yesterday morning.
If there’s anything exciting, like no new lesions, no activity brain and neck are suddenly ‘normal’ please let me know so I can sing and dance and tell the world J
I guess if there’s something sinister I should know too but I’m hoping there’s nothing like that J

I got a reply back really quickly from Dr C

Reply from the lovely Dr C:
Not yet reported
Had a look - no change as far as I can tell (perhaps a bit less conspicuous)
No new lesions


It’s not a full formal review, but quite honestly I’m thrilled to bits with the result. This is everything I had hoped for when I chose to have this treatment. It exceeds my minimum baseline of what I wanted from Lemtrada, that metaphorical ‘Line In the Sand’ that MS was not allowed to cross. Right now I have it on the run and I’m driving it back into the sea.

  • NO progression
  • no new lesions
  • Existing damage less conspicuous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am winning this war!

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