Wednesday 10 February 2016

Week 38 - how far I've come


8th February 16


This is going to be a bit disjointed, I started this post on Monday and it’s now Wednesday and I keep coming back to it and adding a bit before publishing it.

My initial joy at ‘oh it’s just a neck / disc problem and not a relapse’ has now worn off.

I’m on constant pain killers now to manage the pain in my arms and it doesn’t seem to be getting any less each day. The deep flu everything aches / bruising like feeling really has become a royal pain in the backside making putting tops on very difficult (okay it makes  me cry now getting dressed in the morning) and holding anything with any weight almost impossible. I hate being reliant on pain medication so I really could do with having that followed up quickly on our Bupa medical cover I think rather than waiting for it to finally drop out of the end of the NHS process.  (EDIT – it’s Wednesday morning when I’m adding this – actually today feels a little better – getting dressed this morning didn’t make me cry YAY)

I have an appointment on Wednesday with the lovely Margaret my MS nurse for a review of things and to start sorting out the necessary bits and bats for the run up to round two. I presume I’m going to get the great news I don’t have HIV/Aids, another chest x-ray to confirm I still don’t have Tuberculosis, and once more ‘touches wood’ not pregnant – I wonder if that means I’m going to have to push for an out of cycle smear test too ??? That’s one for the ‘questions to ask Margaret’ list. I understand why women need to go through the indignity of it – but I have to say it seems a little unfair that men don’t have to endure the prostrate test for the same reason.

Today is a ‘team day’ at work, we all get to sit in a meeting room that isn’t big enough to hold us all which will be like sitting in a furnace all packed in like sardines in a tin while we ‘bond’. This is followed by a team dinner in Wokingham at a lovely restaurant called The Courtyard which serves the most amazing Mediterranean food, the Risotto is amazing but I didn’t have either the room for more food, or the energy to make pancakes for Gareth and I when I got home at 21;30, I just sat down on the sofa to watch something on the idiot box with Gareth and promptly fell asleep

It’s Valentine’s Day over the weekend so we are off out on Friday for a Michelin starred meal again, Sunday we have invites to a festival / cultural even in Swindon from a colleague and good friend that we are looking forward to. It’s going to be a busy weekend all things considered, time to get on with some energy saving activities beforehand so they don’t need to be done over the weekend I think. Shopping delivered courtesy of t’interwebs, laundry done overnight etc.

All in all I’m feeling rather epic even though I’m sore – nothing stops me, not MS, not dodgy neck disc’s or the rather wet and dank British weather

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