Thursday 4 February 2016

Week 37 Post Neurologist update It's NOT a relapse

I have some really good news to report from yesterday’s appointment with the lovely Dr C.

She doesn’t think I’m having a relapse, an MRI is being arranged and an extra blood screening ordered. The pain / heaviness is located in my arms and shoulders and looks like it might be related to an old neck and shoulder injury (when I say old I mean an accident on 7th July 1995 when a woman doing upwards of 40mph smashed into the back of my stationary car at a set of traffic lights) I had 12 years of weekly physio after that accident trying to get mobility back in my neck and shoulders. If I’m brutally honest my MS would probably have been identified a couple of years earlier if I hadn’t been ignoring stuff that I just thought was down to recurrences of problems from that injury.  It would appear looking at the MRI’s something looks ‘off’ in the neck / disc’s arrangement – apparently it’s a good thing I still have my Bupa plan so surgery to correct it can be dealt with privately.

How bizarre is this – I’m celebrating that I might only need surgery for a neck injury and that it’s not a relapse. WOOHOO though and YAY for not a relapse

Onwards and upwards for me, I’m a Lem warrior and I’ve got this

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