Monday 28 December 2015

Week 32 Christmas time and family

It's Christmas week again, it barely seems like a few weeks since this time last year. It's true as you get older time flys past much faster, as a child it seemed like forever between chistmas times, the time at school seemed between holidays seemed to be forever when it was only 6 short weeks and birthdays took a lifetime to happen. Now at the ripe old age of 43 it seems to rush past so very fast, one thing is just done before the next is upon me and everything that's happened seems like yesterday.
The whole year has been so frantic, such good things happening because of Lemtrada and all those horrid MS symptoms disappearing, my beautiful friend Laura marrying her handsome David, her hen do in Las Vegas in January then being one of her bridesmaids on Valentine's Day, then the news that they are expecting a baby a few weeks ago - I can't tell you how happy I am for them  both and am already planning for lots of 'favourite aunty Tracy snuggles when the little one comes.
The year has also brought such heartbreak losing my brother a week after my lemtrada treatment at the age of 40, and then my grandmother in such quick succession on the back of losing my mum. So much heartbreak leaving me the last of my parents family line.
I've now added their names to the Christmas decoration that has the names of my mum, dad, Gareth's grandfather and his uncle, to lose so many in such a short time has been devastating.
But it's Christmas time to celebrate the love we have with those we love. Gareth and I are in Wales with my mums sister and surrounded by 5 dogs (2 of ours, 2 of Kathys and a guest dog for the holiday period and on Christmas Day a sixth dog ..... The humans will be outnumbered 6 to 5.
Christmas Day was lovely, very relaxed for me but we had overdone it a little the night before with wine, brandy and some whiskey ..... Not our best plan.
Boxing Day was equally relaxed apart from a second emergency trip to the vets for Amber-dog, she's eaten something nasty and got herself an infection and temperature and has been throwing up and trembling. A nightmare trying to get to the vets as the bridge in Machynllath was flooded out in the heavy rain and storms resulting in some serious diversions.Yet more antibiotic injections, anti sickness injections and tablets for another week for her (it's cost £163 and £183 for the two emergency treatments but at least it will mostly come back through the insurance)
So it's now the day after Boxing Day, we've travelled 3 1/2 hours cross country to Halifax (avoiding the terrible flooding in Balla after the storms where the lake breached) to see Gareth's family for a couple of days before we head home again and rescue the cats from the Cattery  (cue another £180 bill) it will be lovely to see everyone for a few days, catch up exchange gifts and just relax some more. There's been terrible flooding here in Yorkshire too, they might have to rename Sowerby Bridge to Sowerby Aquaduct and Hebdon Bridge to Hebdon On Sea, we saw barges all washed up on top of each other on the way here :-(
My last oxygen was the Tuesday before Christmas, we've walked loads talking the dogs out up and down hills - everyone got to see my leg tremor in full force for the first time going up one of the hills .... Kind of freaked them out a bit mostly fear I think at the thought they might have to carry me back along with 5 dogs LOL it's just tiredness from all the exertion of the last week, a couple of nights of good sleep and I will be back on form - might also see if I can sneak in an oxygen up here if Leeds is
open and has.a space for me. Still as ever feeling epic, totally grateful to have the treatment and all the good things it's brought for me.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas (so sorry if you're one of the people who's Christmas has been FUBAR'd in the UK flooding over the holidays, the forest fires in Australia or the Tornados and flooding in the US, I hope that soon life is sorted again.
Much love, healing thoughts no positivity being sent your way xxxx


  1. A great blog update Tracy! Thanks xx

    However it started with a reference to 40 and then a fast forward to 43 (?), which had me confused somewhat.... What am I missing here I wonder?

    Not to worry! - great to hear your inspirational
    progress updates as always of course and now, not very long to go for 'Hangmen' in the West End - which you and Gareth will both enjoy I'm sure!

    I'll book tickets for Jules Holland in Kew Gardens this summer in the next few days and will be in touch.

    Have a wonderful New Year and I will
    be in touch......

    JMc xx

  2. Hi JMc
    My brother was 40 when we lost him in May this year .... me I'm now starting down the barrel of March 3rd and my 44th birthday - I don't feel 43 - I think I'm just going to stay 27 for ever I liked 27 it was a good year.
    Looking forward to Hangmen - pulled out the tickets yesterday to start making plans. We need to go for coffee young man and catch up xxx


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